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3 Audio Visual Options that Prompt Real Business Growth


3 Audio Visual Options

The key to growing your business is having tools at your disposal that allow you to connect and collaborate with your customers or current users. Audio/visual equipment can dramatically help you with this endeavor and are available right at your fingertips.

Here are the top three audio/video resources that we, as IT professionals that have helped innovative businesses expand through our managed serviceswholeheartedly recommend to give you an extra edge and encourage real growth.

Digital Signage Icon

Digital Signage

One of the most effective uses for digital signage is internal communications. Employers can use signage to communicate messages like company events, updates or general information for everyone to see. They can also be used for emergency situations where news needs to be communicated to a large group rapidly for safety issues, such as providing escape routes during earthquakes, fires or in the event of an active shooter.

Upgrading from traditional static signage to programmable digital signage is another powerful audio/visual solution that pays for itself in a short amount of time. Not only is digital signage more eye-catching and engaging than painted or printed signs, but it’s also a smart technology that you can use for effective real-time communication with customers. By programming marketing and informational materials that match your consumer base, along with the time of day and nature of the encounter, you can actually tailor the environment to suit your exact needs. You can offer special discounts, draw attention to special programs or attract a specific audience at just the flip of a switch.

Digital signage is also more eco-friendly than many other forms of advertising because it never needs new paints, paper, wood or other materials that need to be discarded every time you change the display. You can even connect to your IT support team via remote as part of your overall marketing strategy. As a living, breathing part of your outreach efforts, digital signage goes far beyond what was ever possible with traditional signage. By simplifying both your marketing efforts and a reduced carbon footprint, it’s a win-win both your organization and the Earth.

video conference

Video conferencing

According to the business experts at Forbes, making the switch from audio conferencing to full video conferencing is one of the most important audio/visual updates you can make. Put simply, video conferencing brings your customers right into your office space in a much more intimate way than phone conferences and builds both trust and connection almost immediately.

Video conferencing is also a lot more efficient because it allows you to share important visual information like outlines and blackboard schematics directly instead of trying to explain everything verbally. Face to face communication also helps you get to know important details about your client that you simply wouldn’t know from just an audio conversation. You can check out their current setup and equipment and give them advice and evaluations right on the spot, improving your working relationship.

interactive display

Interactive Displays

Interactive touch screen displays in your office area or waiting room are a great audio/visual aid that boosts interaction between you and clients as soon as they enter your business. In fact, interactive displays are one of the most powerful tools we employ to increase customer trust, satisfaction, and long-term collaboration.

According to a recent paper by Hewlett Packard, interactive displays drastically increase customer satisfaction by as much as 65 percent. The paper also found that the sales rate for items and services marketed through the interactive displays were almost 50 percent higher. Customer traffic also increased in the areas of the business where interactive displays were used, providing further evidence that people are naturally attracted to them and will use them.

When used in meetings or presentations, an interactive display’s advanced audio/visual functions can add significantly to the level of communication. Using digital ink, an interactive display allows you to instantly update schematics and graphics in real time. This enables audience input to be seamlessly integrated into any presentation. As a work tool, interactive displays allow divergent members of a workforce to collaborate on an evolving project no matter where they are. They can also email any notes taken during a session to any participants and allow for calendars, agreements and any other documents used or presented to be instantly distributed.

As a part of a dedicated managed IT support package, interactive displays can boost productivity, increase customer retention, advance worker loyalty, and help you grow your business tremendously.


No matter what your objectives are, adding an audio/visual component greatly increases your potential to deliver something unique, highly targeted and extremely effective. Once you’ve determined what you’d like your organization to accomplish, choose the most appropriate format and find out what you can do to truly stand out among the crowd.