July 27, 2017 by Simrin Singh

How to Cover All Your Bases with Data Backup and Recovery

How to Cover All Your Bases with Data Backup and Recovery

You know that data is at the core of your business and have made it a priority to put security measures, like firewalls, in place to keep out interferences. But, did you know that without backup and recovery, your data is still exposed to a number of risks? For example, security software can’t protect your data from human error, like if an employee accidentally deletes files, or worse, clicks on a malware link that infects your system from the inside. Not to mention curveballs beyond the control of your team, like natural disasters, fires or floods. In this post, we’ll show you how to cover all your bases with backup and recovery. After all, the best defense is a good offense.

The 4 bases of data backup and recovery:

First Base: Fault Tolerance and Redundancy

The first step is to protect your business from outages and downtime which causes loss of productivity or potentially loss of data.

Game plan: Utilize hardware that provides fault tolerance and redundancy using technologies such as redundant, hot-swap power supplies, hard drives, fans, RAID. 

Second Base: Backup

Next, you’ll want to protect your data from more malicious risks, such as viruses and ransomware, which lead to data loss and create security risks.

Game plan: Adopt best practices that include keeping data backups, which are often taken throughout the day, via data snapshots.  This is typically enhanced using a daily backup and archiving to tape, cloud or other location. 

Third Base: Replication, Clustering and Fail-Over

The next level of failure is the hardest to predict and may involve outages to an entire location as the result of a hardware failure, flood, fire or power outage.

Game plan: Technologies such as replication can be used to mirror data from one physical location to another which can be quickly brought online in the event of a problem. Clustering software allows for identical hardware at a mirrored secondary location fail-over from a primary location should an outage occur. 

Home Run – Combine All Bases

Protect your data from all sides—internally, externally and acts of God from above—for the ultimate control over your business. 

Game plan: Combine all backup and recovery strategies and have them professionally implemented.


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