August 12, 2015 by Tris Hussey

I Don’t Care if You Buy From Me!

I Don’t Care if You Buy From Me!
This post comes from Ray Kisser, Microserve's Business Development Manager for Managed Services. Ray's seemingly heretical post really shows why Microserve is different; what sets us apart from others. It's important to us to learn and understand your needs, your business, your goals, and most of all what's not working today. As Ray says, it's this discovery process that's essential to having a great solution. Ray could just sell you something, but that something might not really be what you want or need.

Which is why Ray doesn't care if you buy from him...

I don’t, but don’t let my boss see this please!

I don’t care if you buy from me because if I approach you with my Managed Services offering wanting to sell to you, then I lose my ability to be objective about how to discover if and by how much you may be able to benefit from the service.

And if you believe that all I am trying to do is sell you my service, you won’t feel comfortable enough to tell me about your organization’s strengths, plans, how technology is used to help you and your organization, and maybe how you believe you could do better.

It is difficult I know to change the way we all approach our business discussions. But when the doors are thrown open on both sides, real problem solving happens, and so do long term business relationships.

So many times I begin meetings with unhappy people who just can’t figure out how they could have gotten into what appear to be bad service arrangements. Almost always, we discover together that the discussion about business requirements and how information technology supports the operations, competitiveness, and growth plans of the business didn’t really get explored in great depth.

And they need to!

Quite often, in fact every time I discover the above, I always ask if the person or people I am meeting with I ask them to sit down and re-talk about the points above; almost as if the discovery conversation is brand new.

Sometimes that means they get an opportunity to re-start their business relationship from a clearer lens. Sometimes, they also discover definitively, that the existing arrangement is not fixable, and that there is now a new option based on a lot more mutual knowledge. And what a great way to begin!

So the next time you invite someone in to discuss IT Support Services, read this, better yet, let the sales person read it! This should set the stage for a real business discussion and a better solution for you!!

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