August 11, 2015 by Spud Matthews

Introducing the Microserve Blog

Introducing the Microserve Blog
Today we're officially launching our new Microserve blog to share our expertise, tech knowledge, and experience with the world. We've created this blog as a hub for our growing library of digital content with the goal of providing resources to help people get the most possible benefit out of IT.

Our blog is led by our Marketing team under Microserve VP & General Manager Heather Schaan with long-time technology blogger and digital marketer Tris Hussey steering the day-to-day blogging and Microserve's social media profiles.

I look forward to Tris' weekly "This Week in Tech" posts, spotlights on our key Microserve service and technology offerings, and free downloads like whitepapers and other resources.

With 28 years of experience providing IT services and solutions to organizations in Western Canada we have a lot of insight and expertise to offer, and I’m excited to start sharing it through this new channel.


Party popper by Mike Seyfang from Flickr.

About Spud Matthews
Spud is the president and founder of Microserve, one of the largest Value Added Resellers in Canada. As Microserve is exclusively a western Canadian VAR, and has, from its inception, almost exclusively served the public sector in Alberta and British Columbia. Spud and Microserve celebrated their 25th year in business together in 2012. Spud has a unique understanding, borne of these years of experience and focus, of what is involved in successfully satisfying the needs of geographically dispersed, Western Canada based customers.

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