December 3, 2015 by Nigel Brown

Managed Services vs. In-House IT: Fight!

Managed Services vs. In-House IT: Fight!

Welcome to the fight of the century!

In this corner, we have the old standby, a 100% in-house IT department. The standard choice of businesses for decades, this competitor has what it takes to keep your company’s IT infrastructure up and running. In-house IT knows exactly where to kick to get your computer working again, and is always available for a lunch date whenever you’d like to discuss email issues over sandwiches and coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

And in this corner, we have the challenger, Managed Services - IT outsourced to remote specialists who either work together with your own IT team or function as your entire IT department. This competitor arrived with the dawn of the internet, and has evolved along with it, adding more complex moves and techniques with every passing year. Managed Services can get even the most ferocious Denial of Service attacks into a Full Nelson, and will fix your network issues in no time flat.

In this, the most anticipated match of the year, will in-house IT be able to keep its title and show Managed Services who’s boss? Or will Managed Services deliver a knockout punch and send in-house IT packing?

C’mon, admit it – that’s a fight you’d like to see. Luckily, you’ve got your very own commentator right here, just itching to give you a blow-by-blow account of the match.

Here’s how it’ll all go down: For every objection to outsourcing raised by in-house IT, Microserve Managed Services will provide an answer. By the end, it’ll be crystal clear who the new champion is.

So, let’s get ready to rumble…

OBJECTION 1: An in-house IT department understands the company culture, and is invested in the company, like no outside agency could possibly be.

Ouch! That’s a low blow, but luckily not true: Here at Microserve, we make your business our business. Our entire approach to Managed Services relies on the deep understanding of your company and its needs that we gain by working closely with you to determine the right IT strategy for your business.

We don’t manage your IT generically, or jump in only when there’s a problem; we partner with you to develop a 360 degree strategy to take care of your unique needs – even if we are only handling parts of your overall IT infrastructure. And our expert insight into the latest in every single facet of IT means that we can meet those needs with the perfect solution every time. Pow!

OBJECTION 2: A company has complete control over an in-house IT department’s time, quality, and activity - not the case with Managed Services.

Alright, yes, you have control over what your own employees are doing at any given time. Whether you have one IT guy or an IT team of twenty, you can tell them what you want done and how to budget their time in doing it. And when it comes to quality, you have the ability to send them to any training you want.

But here’s the thing – here at Microserve, we have a team of 250 IT experts on staff. At any given time, we have the bandwidth and flexibility to work on any projects you want - on any timeline you specify. In fact, we can easily finish any tasks you give us more quickly than your lone IT guy or small team could, simply because we’ve got more people on hand to help. And keeping up with the latest developments in IT is our specialty – we are a company of IT geeks, after all! We are constantly updating our training, making sure we’re on the cutting edge in every area of IT, so that we can bring our clients the very latest in IT solutions. Take that!

OBJECTION 3: Managed Services may be fine for short-term projects, but too expensive to use long-term.

Let’s take a look at the logic behind this one for just a minute. It’s too expensive to pay for Managed Services, so instead, we’ll hire someone and pay for their full-time, professional-level salary… benefits…and, oh yeah, all the various different types of insurance and taxes that go along with hiring an employee. We’ll pay for their initial training and onboarding, and then pay again whenever we send them for more training. We’ll pay them to take 2 weeks of vacation every year, and sick days every flu season. We’ll even give them a Christmas bonus! And every so often, it’ll be time for a raise.

Or…you could pay a simple, predictable, set monthly fee to have full access to our team of IT experts, and not have to worry about all the hassles that come with hiring – or about sick days and vacations - or even about bonuses (unless you want to send us some Christmas cookies – we wouldn’t say no to that!). K.O.!

Well, folks, it looks like Managed Services has delivered the knockout punch, and in-house IT is down for the count. If you’d like to find out more about how the champions at Microserve can partner with your company to take care of all your IT needs promptly, expertly, and affordably, give us a call today. We may not always be available for those lunch dates, but just think of the money you’ll save on coffee.

Boxing gloves photo by Kristin Wall.

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