October 10, 2017 by Simrin Singh

Microserve 30: Meet Bruce Burke

Microserve 30: Meet Bruce Burke

We're back with our five-part blog series where we introduce senior executives to celebrate Microserve's 30 years in business! Today we're introducing Bruce Burke, our VP of Services. Here's what he has to say:

1) What would you consider your favorite quote? 

"Spooky Action at a Distance” – Albert Einstein

2) What do you think is the key to success in the tech industry? 

Consistency, whether it is process, methodologies, implementations, solutions, or soft skills such as mentoring, integrity or leadership. As I have spent most of my IT career in providing services, I have tried to always be consistent.

3) What do you envision the future of technology to look like?

In the near future (10-25 years) I think wearable IT will become the norm. After that, I imagine IT will move into wetware. I do believe that in the future humanity will supplement our biological systems with technology systems that will provide a communications bridge into global systems.

4) Microserve provides a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions; how were all these business lines developed over the years? 

They were developed based on opportunity. Each portfolio was a natural extension of existing services and evolved with the requirements of our clients. Clients who came to know Microserve liked the culture with which we delivered our existing services. They typically would have a need for a new service or were unsatisfied with a service delivered by others and asked if we would be able to provide an option or proposal to them. For some services, such as the Staffing Division, Microserve was the client itself. We realized that we could provide this service ourselves, and that’s how this came to life.

5) How did you recognize that a new opportunity would be a viable business line to expand into? 

There are a number of factors that go into this. Some opportunities are driven by technological change, some as described above are driven by demand but all are backed by research. One of the final and most important factors to be considered before creating a business line is considering whether an opportunity is sustainable.

6) How did the evolution in technology over the years play a role in opening up opportunities for Microserve? 

As we all know, technology changes constantly. It creates and spawns whole new areas of specialization that allows for an increase in opportunities. The best example of this is our Audio/Visual business line. As new technologies were developed in AV, they were integrated closer to the traditional IT environments. This required specialized technicians/analysts who needed to work closely with and attain an understanding of traditional networking technologies. This created a new business line for Microserve, developed in conjunction with a client who initially had a requirement, and opened up for us a whole new area of business to expand into. 

We're proud to be one of the leading Western Canada IT solutions providers over the past three decades and look forward to continue serving BC and Alberta for many years to come. Stay tuned for our next blog post! 

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