March 16, 2016 by Sonia Ghag

Microserve is now on Instagram!

Microserve is now on Instagram!

It’s official, we did it. Microserve is now a part of the Instagram world.

And, no, not just because everyone else is doing it. We were impressed by how many companies are using the social platform - Microsoft, McDonald's, Fido, Canadian Tire, Levis, Mercedes Benz… the list goes on and on! There are so many different organizations across all kinds of industries using Instagram, and so there has to be a reason why.

According to Instagram’s own statistics, there are over 400 million active accounts per month. On average, 80 million pictures are posted daily and over 40 billion photos have been shared to date. I guess that explains why there are 3.5 billion likes daily– that’s a lot of likes!

“Inspire people visually with your business’ story” is the headline on Instagram’s website, under the business tab. Sounds appealing, right? Who doesn’t want to inspire people to see their business in a new, exciting way? We definitely do.

So, here’s how we’re going to use Instagram at Microserve.

Share pictures from events and around the office

We host a lot of events throughout the year, as well as attend quite a few, like tradeshows and seminars. We have typically shared photos from these events on Facebook in the past, but as Instagram was created primarily for sharing pictures, it seems fitting to post there. It’s a great way to showcase what we’re up to in real time. If we’re ever at a tradeshow, we can simply post a photo of our booth, add the appropriate hashtags, and you’ll know where to find us.

Also, ever wonder what it’s like on the inside of a business? Our Instagram posts will provide an exclusive look at what it’s like to work here. You will get to see a day in the life of a Microservian, as well as pictures of our teams from different departments.

You will also get to see photos from our fun staff parties, which we host for all three of our branches. There’s lots of dancing, laughing and candid pictures to be shared from each event. We’ve got some hilarious photo booth pictures (see below) from our holiday parties that definitely warrant the “Insta spotlight”.

Instagram will be our go to place to highlight pictures from our events and social nights. To get an idea of what we’ve posted so far, check out the pictures below.

-Included is Rooshan from Marketing, Murtaza from Sales and Tomas from our HR department. Together we all supported Pink Shirt Day to stand up against bullying.

-We love getting spoiled with treats around the office and so we look forward to seeing what’s in the lunchroom on Friday afternoons.

Connect with our staff and community

We hope to connect not only with our employees and colleagues on Instagram, but also with our customers, vendors, and partners. Instagram is full of fun, lively pictures and we’re excited to see what everyone is up too. Whether it’s how you’re spending your Sunday afternoon or sharing your new favourite tech gadget, we’re interested. We want to know what’s happening within our own communities, as well as share how we are getting involved in community initiatives. Some of our favourite Canadian accounts so far are HelloBC and ExploreCanada. Be sure to check them out for amazing snaps from across the country.

Here’s a picture of Microservians posing in front of the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) bus- this was right after donating blood at the CBS Blood Drive that was setup in the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre in Burnaby.

Tell you more about Microserve’s story

Through Instagram we hope to share our story in a unique and creative way. Did you know our core values are “will sweep floors, openness, flexible, not stuffy and customer driven”? We’re a company that prides ourselves on being friendly, transparent, and collaborative. And we plan to show you this by capturing photos from all the activities, achievements, and events that occur within and around Microserve. Stay tuned for more great pictures to come. We hope you follow along and get to know us on an up close and personal level.

Follow us @Microserve_ for up to date posts to learn more about all of us at Microserve, including an exclusive look inside our events, staff social nights, newest technology offerings, and much, much more!

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