June 23, 2017 by Simrin Singh

Space- Saving Tips for a Streamlined Modern Workspace

Space- Saving Tips for a Streamlined Modern Workspace

While digital devices and gadgets go in and out of style, one thing stays the same: the size of our desks. The good news is you can prioritize form over fashion by choosing devices that have a small footprint, hide wires, multitask and simply look elegant. Here are a few tips to help make your workspace both productive and Pinterest-worthy.

Use smaller devices

One way to save space is to think tiny. Start with your desktop computer. Did you know that today's tower desktops are up to 42% smaller than those sold in previous years without sacrifice of function?  Instead of making a statement with a bulky PC tower, you can use a Tiny Desktop PC that easily slides in and out of a sleek looking Tiny in One Monitor. In fact, these Tiny Desktop PCs can be VESA mounted almost anywhere using a variety of creative mounting options to save maximum space and achieve maximum organization. 

Multitask with convertible devices

You don’t need to use one device for every use case when you can combine use cases into one convertible device! Take note of what you need to accomplish and see if convertible devices can help you cut down on clutter. So, instead of stocking up on a tablet, laptop, projector and camera, get a laptop that has a touchscreen and detachable keyboard, folds into a projector and incorporates a quality camera.  The ThinkPad X1 Tablet offers all these customizable features, including the ability to accessorize with a chic stylus that’s compatible with the Lenovo WRITEit app which recognizes handwriting and types as you write—so you can also cut down on notepads!  The Lenovo Miix tablet has similar convertible style for true mobility, with a watchband hinge, pen, a detachable keyboard and a line of accessories that take you from mornings at the office to evenings at the convention. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga models also allow you to convert your notebook to a tablet while keeping the keyboard handy and allowing for tent mode when presenting or watching a movie.

Hide those cables

While connectivity is in, tangled wires are never a good look. For a minimalist ambiance, you need wireless docking. WiGIG provides wireless docking for your notebook when you want to access your monitors and peripherals, so you can say goodbye to messy wires while still benefiting from a high speed, data-intensive connection. USB-C and Thunderbolt docks use a single cable to help you connect your laptop or tablet to displays, a wired network, and all your USB peripherals. 

Elevate your monitor

When it comes to monitors—thin is in! After all, with high visibility, the optics and profile of your monitor help contribute to the overall feel of your space. The question becomes what level of quality and how many extra features, like a camera, microphone and stereo system, can you pack into a thin profile. Luckily, the ThinkVIsion X1 does it all--packing a resolution of 3840:2160 with a FHD camera, a dual-array microphone, stereo speakers and more into the slimmest 27” UHD display. Other monitors, including the Tiny in One models, also boast borderless screens that expand to the outmost edges, allowing a 22” display to take a 20.5” footprint or a 24” in 22.5”.

Contact us to see how we can help you streamline your workspace using the latest technology to make it more modern and stylish, but most importantly more efficient.

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