July 31, 2015 by Tris Hussey

This Week in Tech July 31st -- Happy Sys Admin Day!

This Week in Tech July 31st -- Happy Sys Admin Day!

So I guess a new version of Windows came out this week

It's been a pretty cool week with Windows 10 launching and such. Today isn't just a blue moon, but also Sys Admin Appreciation Day. Let's celebrate by not forgetting our passwords or maybe get them this new Nerf gun.

70 MPH! Yikes!

10 because it's so awesome, 9 wasn't enough.

There was a lot of talk about Windows 10 this week (The Register's take that Sys Admins will be meh, and Wired says there's still stuff missing). The biggest question will be when to upgrade. For personal machines, I like living on the edge and would probably upgrade right away. Work is a different story... For the more cautious at home, waiting for the first round of updates would be a good idea.

Privacy? Naw no one wants that!

Since no one really needs to ever have secure or encrypted emails, Pakistan has banned the Blackberry Enterprise Server. Jeez I can't see how that could be a bad thing at all!

Hug a sys admin today!

It's sys admin day today...and besides what it's like to be the unofficial IT person, yes this is exactly what IT folks translate what you say.

Happy Sys Admin Day

Until next week...

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