February 23, 2016 by Tris Hussey

Three Ways The Cloud Is Like An Actual Cloud

Three Ways The Cloud Is Like An Actual Cloud

You know the ones with rain and stuff in them versus the computery ones

You can't escape the Cloud today. The Cloud powers the Internet as we know it. So how are a bunch of computers in a data center like that thing that brings rain to our picnics?

Here you go…

1. The Cloud is dynamic

Clouds in the sky expand, contract, merge, reform, and are never the same for more than a moment. Computing clouds aren’t that ephemeral, but they are pretty dynamic. You can get as much, or as little, storage or computing power as you need when you need it. When you don’t need as much…whoosh…and the extra is gone. The magic of the Cloud is its flexibility. The Cloud allows you to add more resources without waiting for new servers to arrive and be set up. Adding a new server or expanding an existing one is a matter of a few clicks and done.

2. The Cloud is lots of pieces that work together

We talk about The Cloud as if it’s a single, amorphous thing, but that’s just for convenience sake. In reality the Cloud is as complex as clouds in the sky. In the atmosphere water droplets condense together to form a single cloud. A single cloud can have billions and billions of drops of water. The Cloud is made up millions of computers all connected to each other across the Internet. These computers sit in data centers all around the world. Our data center happens to be in Kelowna, BC (so all your data stays in Canada), but it could be anywhere in the world.

3. The Cloud is mobile

The mobile revolution has been to a large degree powered by the Cloud. The Cloud lets devices store less information on the device because the information downloads as needed. Because your information is available from anywhere you have the freedom to work anywhere. Want to carry a Surface Pro 4 into a meeting, but still deliver a multimedia rich presentation? Store the presentation in the Cloud load it through your browser as you give your presentation.

The Cloud makes this all possible.

Isn’t it time you got in on the action?

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