August 14, 2015 by Amy Tom

Why Hiring a Summer Student Is a Great Idea - A Word from the Intern

Why Hiring a Summer Student Is a Great Idea - A Word from the Intern
Coming from a student, internships are a beautiful thing. They act as a resume builder, a gateway into the industry, and an opportunity to make some extra money. Internships are in high demand and there always seems to be a lack of “good” internship opportunities available.

If your business is going through a growth period and you are looking for some extra hands on deck, I encourage you to look into hiring an intern! There are students out there who want to work for you – no matter the size of your business. To a student, experience is experience and there is always something to learn from an opportunity.

Students hope to learn and grow from their internships – not to fetch coffee for their bosses all summer. Currently I am working for Microserve as the Summer Marketing Assistant. At Microserve, I’m given autonomous projects where I can apply what I learn in the classroom to “real life” situations. They give me just the right balance of guidance and responsibility; this is the kind of internship that students are looking for. If you’re going to hire a summer student, make sure you have real work for them to do.

Employers may not think about this benefit – but students talk to other students. This summer, my conversations with friends go something like:

“Hey Amy – how’s your summer been?”

“Good! I’ve been working as a Marketing Assistant for Microserve, this big IT company. It’s a cool place to work.”
The conversation goes on and in turn I get to hear about their experiences with various companies. I guess you could say that I’ve been giving Microserve some free word-of-mouth marketing. For employers this means that you gain brand awareness amongst a younger target audience and next generation of workers.

Internships provide a win-win situation. Students gain relevant experience, while the company gains exposure, gets work done, and saves money (as opposed to hiring a full-time or contract worker). So next time you are looking to hire a new employee, take a chance on the student; they may surprise you in ways that you don’t expect them to.

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