October 5, 2015 by Nigel Brown

Why hiring more IT staff isn’t always the answer

Why hiring more IT staff isn’t always the answer

5 reasons Managed Services Providers provide depth and flexibility employees can’t

There are two simple questions that people ask us about managed services that cut straight to the true value of what we offer to clients: “If we can afford to, why wouldn't we just hire a few internal IT staff instead of outsourcing?” and “Why isn’t hiring someone better than what Microserve Managed Services can offer?”

Those are essential questions to ask any managed services provider, because they zero in on the value that isn’t always quantifiable in pure dollars and cents. The answers define the value a managed services provider brings to the table.

The power of a Managed Services Team

  1. One person can only learn and know so much (aka the jack-of-all-trades problem). No matter how experienced the one or two people you hire are, there is no way they can match the depth of an entire managed services team. IT generalists can keep the lights on and solve day-to-day issues, but beyond the basics they are out of their depth. Most mid-sized companies can’t afford to hire specialists for email, backup, or servers, but by partnering with Microserve you have access to enterprise-class resources whenever you need them. The email problem one month might be the remote backup problem the next; Microserve provides the resources you need only when you need them. As your company grows, you’re not relying on or two IT generalists to define IT strategy, you're tapping into our collective experience and expertise to help you build a comprehensive IT strategy for now and the future.
  2. Help desk is a team sport. Support isn’t something that one or two people can do very well. Small business help and support is usually informal without systems for tracking what needs to get done when or systems to manage busy times. Many companies just call or email “their guy” and call that “support”. Day-to-day, “their guy” eventually gets around to fixing things (and not in any kind of logical order) and their guy just doesn't answer his phone fast enough to keep people happy. Microserve has comprehensive help desk solutions with fully-trained staff, formal processes, and procedures offering reliable levels of services.
  3. You can’t just wing IT. There are best practices in every discipline, but we know that best practices sometimes take longer to set up. When the lone IT guy is running around setting things up, he’s going to take shortcuts and just do the best he can. That translates to half-completed projects and band-aid systems for backups, new machines, new users, and updates. Microserve implements best practice standards for our client's and we maintain an ever-growing database of best practices based on years of IT consulting that grows as technology changes.
  4. We know where the passwords are buried. Most organizations have ad-hoc documentation about systems and technology. Where are passwords stored? A spreadsheet? That’s exactly how Twitter was hacked several years ago. Are there diagrams of the network? The server architecture? How long would it take you to find the Webmail URL for a new employee or get a complete inventory of all business applications in use? Microserve uses a centralized, cloud-based repository to track all information about your environment. When you call us, we can pull up anything and everything we have about you in minutes. We’re faster and more thorough at solving issues because every member of our team has the same access to all the information about your network, your servers, your machines, and the applications you rely on most.
  5. We raise the bar quickly. When you have a single person trying to fix everything and improve technology for the long term, you’re on a fool’s errand. A single person tasked with saving the world can’t fundamentally change your IT environment on his own. Microserve has economies of scale that can't be touched by a few in-house IT guys. With the tools and processes already in place; we can transform IT support quickly—often in 3 months or less.

Managed Services is about letting you be the expert at your business

When it comes right down to it, you’re the expert at your business. You know how your business makes money. You know your competitors. You know where your industry is headed.

Microserve is made up of a collections of experts about our industry. We don’t just know IT, we live and breathe it. When you let Microserve handle your IT and technology needs, you’re letting the experts manage that part of your business; so you can worry about the rest.

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