July 14, 2016 by Tom Tunali

Yodeling in Avalanche Country: Why Not Using Backup as a Service is Just Plain Crazy

Yodeling in Avalanche Country: Why Not Using Backup as a Service is Just Plain Crazy
The very first time I went skiing, it was in Austria, in March, during the height of avalanche season. With temperatures fluctuating and spring around the corner, conditions were ripe for snow to start slipping down the mountainside right on top of us skiers. So before we were allowed out onto the slopes, we had to listen to a lesson on what to do in case we were buried alive by several tons of body-flipping, bone-crushing, lung-squeezing snow. You know, assuming we managed to survive the avalanche in the first place.

This was not what I, as a first-time skier, wanted to hear. I didn’t want to think about releasing bodily fluids in order to figure out which way was up! I was on vacation, for Pete’s sake! But then the instructor went over all the precautions they had put in place to minimize the risk. Daily avalanche risk updates. Flashing red lights on slopes that were especially risky. Classes like the one I was attending, to educate skiers. And highly trained rescuers, just in case the worst did happen.

In business, that same kind of preparation is vital to minimize the risk of our equivalent of an avalanche – a data loss. Of course you hope it’ll never happen, but hope is not a strategy. Your business needs to have a foolproof method of backing up your data, so that just in case, you’re covered.

Using Backup as a Service from a cloud services provider like Microserve just makes sense, when you consider everything that could go wrong . Relying on aging hardware and busy employees to keep your essential data safe is like Austrians just figuring they’ll “keep an eye out” for avalanches. Without systematic protection in place, you’re just asking for trouble.

To illustrate how Backup as a Service can help your business stay safe from avalanches, here are three benefits of engaging a team of experts, like those at Microserve, to help you prepare.

Benefit 1: Peace of mind

Whether you have some kind of backup system already in place or not, there’s always that niggling worry in the back of your mind – what if we actually do experience a data loss? What then?

Just as the ski slopes implemented constant monitoring of the weather conditions, and frequent updates and warnings for skiers, in order to provide them with the peace of mind of knowing that the experts were being vigilant, your business also needs constant, consistent backup protection that’s guaranteed by a team of IT experts. With that in place, you can rest easy, confident that you’ll be ready in case of a loss.

Benefit 2: Protection from human error

Even with a great system in place, if you’re relying on humans to put it into practice, you’re putting yourself at risk. People get busy and forgetful, so even with the best of intentions, they will sometimes neglect to back up company data. On any given day, there could be a lot of vital data left unprotected.

The Austrian ski resort held those classes to help minimize human error in case of a dangerous situation – but Backup as a Service can do them one better, because it fully automates the cloud backup process. This leaves no possibility of forgetfulness or mistakes – all your data is always safe, period.

Benefit 3: Expert support in case the worst happens

It’s one of those things you feel will never happen to you – until it does. A catastrophic data loss is a very real possibility. If the worst happens and you are affected, do you really want to rely on a cobbled-together, in-house plan that may or may not have been tested, and may or may not have been consistently used to prepare?

Just as the ski slopes had a team of highly trained rescuers at the ready to retrieve anyone buried under an avalanche, your business needs a crack team of IT experts who can spring into action if you experience a data loss, quickly retrieve your data from its secure storage in the cloud, and get your company up and running again.

Microserve can help you prepare for a data loss so that your company isn’t crippled in case of an avalanche. Contact us today to find out more about Backup as a Service.

Image is from Flickr by Zach Dischner.

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