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Microserve is now in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Microserve in Halifax

Microserve is very excited to announce the opening of our new branch in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After 20 years with Microserve in Alberta, Bruce Burke, formerly our Vice President of Services, is now spearheading our business in Atlantic Canada. We’re proud to say that we now have five locations in Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Halifax. It’s official, we are now operating coast to coast… with a small gap in the middle.

Bruce grew up in the Maritimes and is very happy to be back home, close to most of his family.

A few fun facts about Bruce

  1. Bruce grew up as part of a big family in rural New Brunswick with three brothers and three sisters.
  2. His first paying job was when he was 11 years old delivering soda to houses. He made $1 a day and got to drink an unlimited supply of soda.
  3. His first adult job was in the Navy based in Esquimalt, BC. They called it the “Yacht Club” in Esquimalt versus “the working Navy” in Halifax, because they went to Hawaii every year.
  4. Outside of IT, some of his interests and hobbies include astrophysics, cosmology, art and fishing.

Bruce says, “I’ve always been proud to be from the Maritimes. While living out west one of the comments I regularly heard about “East Coasters” was that we have great work ethic”. He has been in the IT industry for 35 years and says “I love how technology constantly evolves within IT. IT has become extremely complex since my early days and that most of all has held my interest.”

The Halifax branch will be a full service location, which means we can help you with all of your IT needs with services ranging from IT procurement to managed services to security and staffing. For more information on our service offerings, here is a full list.  

Need to refresh your hardware? Have questions about your IT Infrastructure? What about your backup and disaster recovery strategy… do you have a plan? No need to panic if you don’t have an IT business plan in place yet, we are here to help. For all IT-related needs or questions, Contact us today for a consultation or 1-888-661-7783.

If you are based on the east coast, you can reach Bruce Burke directly at Also, don’t forget to connect with Bruce on LinkedIn.

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