New Microsoft surface line up for yourself

Checkout The New Microsoft Surface Line

Check out the new Microsoft Surface line up for yourself

Be there October 15th
and get your hands on the new Surfaces

I might be
a well-acknowledged Apple fan boy, but, man, even I have to say the new Surface
4 and Surface Book look pretty darn amazing. If you’re dying to play with these
killer new devices, you don’t have to wait until they hit the stores, you can
attend a special lunch with Microsoft in Downtown Vancouver on October 15th
and see them in person.

There are
only a few spaces for this exclusive event that we’re able to share with you.
You need to register
to reserve your spot.

The event
takes place at the Marriott Pinnacle Downtown from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM and
co-presented between Microsoft and Intel (What do you think powers these
devices? Magic and fairy dust?) and sure to be fun.

product manager James Nicholson will be doing the demo and presentations of the
Surface, with plenty of time to get a feel for the devices.

Which has your attention?

1c205eac 25c8 4ec4 94d8 00864aa6d6c4I’m a big
believer thin, light devices that are easy to tote…and enough oomph so you can
connect a display (or two) for serious work. For the better part of a year I
carried an iPad with a keyboard and that did just fine for me. When I switched
to a MacBook Air…less need for the iPad, and I really loved a full day on
battery power.

If I had to
pick…while the Surface Pro 4 is cool (and there are a few in the office here),
I think the Surface Book would be my choice for a day-to-day machine. There’s
power, a screen that detaches, and a full keyboard. I love to sketch and doodle
me ideas and being able to do that right on my “regular” laptop, is really

This is your chance to
check them out

If you register
for the event
you have a chance to check out the Surface Pro 4 almost a
week before it hits the stores and a
month before the Surface Book is available

If want to
see what the future of computing is going to look like, you should be there on
the 15th.

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