Microsoft Releases the Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft Surface Hub 2s

Microsoft has unveiled their NEW Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft has unveiled their NEW Microsoft Surface Hub
2S, which will create a whole new world of teamwork for your organization. Some
of the impressive benefits of this improved tool include the ability to make
any space a teamwork space, the chance to bring remote teams together, and the
tools to make sure that you never skip-a-beat in the flow of a brainstorming

This elegant, portable, and interactive multi-touch
smart board will increase the productivity in any conference room. Through the
4K+ resolution screen, enhanced camera, speakers, and microphone both remote
and local employees are able to participate with ease. The Microsoft Surface
Hub 2S brings everything you loved about the original Surface Hub in a thinner,
lighter, more versatile package making it accessible to employees at any
technical skill level. This device provides an all-in-one digital whiteboard,
meeting platform, and collaborative computing device. Bringing together the
entire team around a single canvas provides the utmost group participation,
re-inventing meetings with the touch of a finger.

Unleash the power of the Microsoft applications you rely on for day-to-day operations from the Surface Hub 2, including programs such as Microsoft Edge and Office, as well as many other essential business applications. With a fully integrated Windows 10 system, content sharing from PC to the Surface Hub 2S couldn’t be easier for easy transition from other devices.

Some of the accessories available to be used alongside the Surface Hub 2S include: the Surface Hub 2 Camera, a tool that captures both the room and conference participants in a full field of view, allowing remote employees to feel fully engaged with the rest of the team; the Surface Hub 2 Pen, providing a precise writing experience on a large-scale screen with such a responsive effect it will feel like you are actually using a pen; Steelcase Roam, available with either a mobile stand, easy-to-hand wall mount or both, allowing collaboration anywhere you need it; and the APC Charge Mobile Battery, designed to power the Surface Hub 2S this battery will allow you to go cordless in seconds with two hours of power and can be fully recharged in 90 minutes.

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