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Comprehensive Managed IT Services

Technology is the cornerstone of all businesses today, but dealing with technology isn’t always part of your business.

Microserve provides technology solutions to companies of all sizes and industries. Our comprehensive managed IT services give you the benefits of having an enterprise-caliber IT staff without needing your own full-time IT staff. Microserve won’t just manage and improve the technology you have today, we’ll help you plan and invest for the technology you need tomorrow. We believe that the best IT solutions are done proactively, not reactively.

MMS Comprehensive means having a team of technology solutions experts when you need them. We ensure you don’t have nasty technology surprises. From maintenance to upgrades, MMS Comprehensive clients have complete technology roadmaps months into the future. We act as your virtual CIO (vCIO) to give you the technology guidance to make informed technology decisions that are right for your business.

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Proactive Technology Administration

Technology Consulting & Virtual CIO