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Device Security
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Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Provide your employees access to the devices and apps they want while also adjusting device settings to fulfil compliance requirements. Microsoft Intune allows you to control your devices via the cloud or a System Center Configuration Manager architecture. With Microsoft Intune, you can manage your devices in the most flexible way possible. 

Microsoft Defender for Business

Even small businesses can become a target of a cyber-attack. With Microsoft Defender for Business, you can get enterprise-grade endpoint security that’s both cost-effective and simple to use—and it’s intended specifically for enterprises with up to 300 employees.

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Safe Links

Any security software will scan the links in your emails to
see if they’ll redirect to a malicious site. But a particularly
clever phishing attack will send an email that contains
harmless links. Then, after that message hits your inbox, will detect
that it passed your filters and change those links to something
malicious. It’s brilliant, and it’s going to wreck stuff.

Safe Links double-checks every link at the time you click on it to see if you’re about to be sent somewhere dangerous.

Anti-Phishing Intelligence

This is another multi-syllabic name for something very cool: This tool learns the way everyone in your organization communicates (and who they communicate with) so that when an unnatural or unusual string of communications begins, the system can accurately gauge that one of those accounts is being controlled by an attacker.

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium Helps You

  • Defend against cyberthreats
  • Protect business data
  • Secure and easily manage your devices

Microsoft 365 Business Premium boosts cooperation and efficiency while also simplifying IT management. It also simplifies how you manage things because you only have to deal with one support team and one monthly cost.

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