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Team Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Businesses transitioning to a hybrid work model that includes remote work opportunities, which brings up a number of concerns about team collaboration. The “traditional” workplace supports face-to-face meetings, whiteboard brainstorm sessions, and quick check-ins. The more businesses migrate towards the hybrid work model, the more ineffective these communication methods become.

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Microsoft Teams

Working remotely eliminates many of the traditional collaboration methods that people are used to. In the Modern Workplace, people are onboarded online, coworkers talk to each other via chat instead of in-person, and meetings favour hybrid formats between video chats and boardrooms. The Modern Workplace is adapting and Microserve has partnered with Microsoft to help our customers get ahead of the changes.

Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based application that keeps teams connected online. This communication platform offers audio and video conference calls so users can meet with their team online. It uses high-quality video and a global dial-in number to power collaborative meetings. Teams is great for presentations, as users can share their screen or request control of another users screen share. Microsoft Teams allows for a seamless collaboration experience in a single place

Businesses can host online webinars or events on Microsoft Teams. These events can be with people inside or outside of the organization. Users can host one-on-one meetings or invite up to 10,000 guests to join the call.

Microsoft Teams Rooms offers a secure calling and meeting room solution. It includes a dedicated Teams meeting app that offers a collaborative experience for all participants, whether they are in the room or online. It keeps everyone engaged using a AI-powered content camera which detects the in-room whiteboard, isolates it, and shows a full screen version to the online participants. Even when the whiteboard author steps in front of the camera, the participants will be able to see what is written on the board.

Team Communication

Aside from hosting meetings, day-to-day communication is another important consideration when it comes to evaluating the Modern Workplace for team collaboration. Microsoft Teams offers chat functionality that makes it easy for users to connect to each other. Users can talk to each other one-on-one or with a group for customized messaging with a solution that supports your fast-paced organization. You can also make and receive phone calls with an assigned phone number right from the Teams platform.

File Collaboration

The Modern Workplace brings users together with file coauthoring and sharing Employees can use the Microsoft Apps that they are familiar with, like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Using Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive, users can work together on the same document at the same time – just like they would when being in the same room with one another.

Optimize Workflow For Better Collaboration

Does your organization use multiple applications to get the job done? With Microsoft Teams, you can integrate your Microsoft apps and third-party applications to optimize your workflow. Not only can you edit your Word or Excel documents directly though Teams, but you can also integrate with Power BI, Power Automate, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft apps. With third-party integrations, you can work with Salesforce, Adobe apps, Trello,, Zendesk, and more – all directly within Teams.

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Microserve is a leading IT solutions provider and helps organizations in their transition to the Modern Workplace. The expert team at Microserve offer assistance with the migration from your existing solution to Teams. They also help with Teams and meeting room deployments. Do you have a big migration planned? Our team can host a Teams workshop to discuss your strategy and plan your roll out. Join the growing number of businesses that trust Microserve by talking to our team today.

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