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Do you know how much you're spending on printing?

Typically, an organization will spend up to 3% of its annual revenue on operational print costs.Few organizations today realize just how much time and money they're investing in printing and imaging costs. In the new Canadian economy, cost-efficiency is a priority for every organisation. For most organizations the cost of office printing, printer procurement, toner purchases, maintenance, and on-site service is an opportunity for significant, bottom line savings.

At Microserve we specialize in working with organizations across Western Canada to optimize, manage and support your printer fleet. Our services include centralized management of all your devices, including printers, copiers and multifunction devices, regardless of the manufacturer or physical location of the device. We will show you how to take control of your print activities and reduce your operating costs. Our Managed Print Services and Solutions allow us to provide the mix of hardware, software, on-site service and supplies that is best for your organization. Our customers tell us that our print services have helped save valuable IT and administration time, decreased user downtime, and improved productivity while reducing operational print costs up to 35%.

Our Print Partners

Microserve leverages our strong partnerships with industry leading manufacturers to deliver affordable solutions that are scalable to meet the specific needs of each client. Our solutions are both customizable and scalable to the dynamic needs of all sizes of businesses.