Your Guide to Windows 10 Migration

Your Guide to Windows 10 Migration


Guide to Windows 10

If your business is one of that 52% who still has at least one PC running Windows XP, the migration
to 10 is an essential endeavor for a healthy organization. Further, while Windows 7 remains in
extended support by Microsoft until 2020, businesses need to consider the financial implications
related to the hardware which supports it. Intel has extended the availability of Windows 7 capable
hardware, but at a premium cost in comparison to mainstream Windows 10 supported devices.

Improved Security

Windows 10 brings new features to your businesses security landscape: Windows Hello for
Business, Credential Guard/Device Guard and Windows Information Protection. All offer additional
safeguards to the security of your endpoints and your data. Coupled with improvements to overall
operating system hardening, Windows 10 is not only the most secure edition of Windows to date, it
is the most adaptive to continually emerging security threats.

Enhanced Productivity

Through seamless integration with the cloud via Office 365, Windows 10 empowers your users with
tools that allow them to work efficiently and collaborate with colleagues effortlessly. Pen, voice and
touch input capabilities provide users better opportunities to engage and interact with their devices.
The software also performs better and offers increased battery life for mobile devices.

Current Compatibility

Windows 10 supports the latest generation of computing hardware available today and will keep
pace with evolving technology as it comes to market. Migrating to the latest OS ensures your
business is ready to adopt next-generation hardware more rapidly and with reduced burden from
deployment planning and application testing required in the past.

Windows 10 Features and Benefits:

  • Talk instead of type
Talk instead of type
  • Sleep tight with night light
night Light
  • Snap apps side by side
snap screens
  • Touch screen support for tablets
tablet mode


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