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“Microserve has provided our organization with exceptional service and knowledgeable staff. Their team invested time to understand our needs for the business and successfully implemented multiple large, and challenging projects, revamping our infrastructure and providing managed support.

I highly recommend Microserve, and we are thrilled to have them as a business partner.”

Tammy Melnyk, CAIB, CIP

VP of Operations, CMB Insurance Brokers


“We had a great experience working with the Microserve team on recent AV projects (including great after-build support) and would be happy to talk to either institution about our experiences.”

Darren Schell

Associate VP Information Technology, University of Lethbridge


Microserve through its exceptional, professional and customer focused teams has provided Douglas College with great, unique service and knowledgeable staff. Its teams invested time to understand our needs for various technical projects, particularly for the Veeam backup project, a quite complex infrastructure uplift, also connecting it to the Cloud. Exceptional communication, support and coverage throughout the entire process.

Great experience with its Sales, Professional Services and Technical departments.

I highly recommend Microserve to any organization that is looking for a trusted, professional and honest partner, to bring their IT infrastructure to the next level!”

Dan Georgescu

Manager – IT Infrastructure Services, Douglas College

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