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Finding IT Talent Just Got Easier

Hiring for any position is difficult. IT talent acquisition can be particularly challenging.

Microserve takes the guesswork out of IT talent acquisition by leveraging our experience as an IT company to help you find the very best IT professionals to suit your needs. Our full-service recruitment includes screening and hiring and is flexible enough to address staff augmentation, permanent placement or contract-to-hire.

Plus, our dedicated IT talent acquisition team is based in Canada and focused 100% on sourcing IT talent.

Preferred Vendor Services, we provide additional benefits to clients who choose to work with us a preferred vendor for staffing services including preferred rates, customized reporting and optional billing integration. 

Microserve IT Recruitment Agency

The Microserve IT Recruitment Agency aims to connect people to people, just as we connect people to IT. After over 30 years of building a stellar reputation in the IT business, we have connections to IT jobs all over Canada.

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Microserve IT Talent Acquisition

IT talent acquisition doesn’t have to be a burden. The IT Talent Acquisition Specialists at Microserve ease your load by helping you align the strategic direction of your IT talent acquisition plans and attract top talent for your business according to your company’s long-term talent acquisition strategy.

The Microserve IT Recruitment Agency That Supports
Business Growth

Attract top talent to your brand, vision, and story by promoting it to our internal database of over 45,000 qualified candidates
Hunt for potential candidates who’s goals match the overall company and job objectives
Build a pipeline of potential highly-qualified candidates for future job openings
A 30-day replacement guarantee and a minimum 90-day replacement guarantee for all permanent placements at no extra cost
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Staff Augmentation Services

Microserve provides IT contract resources for short or long-term engagements, as well as for part-time or full-time terms.

Temp-to-Perm Placement

Allows organizations to work first-hand with a candidate before making a final hire decision.

Permanent Placements

We offer competitive guarantees for permanent placements to ensure long term client satisfaction.

Contractor Administration Services

We perform contract administration for independent IT contractors working for your organization to reduce administrative cost and liability.

Preferred Vendor Services

We provide additional benefits to clients who choose to work with us as a preferred vendor for staffing services, including preferred rates, customized reporting and optional billing integration.

Remote Talent

We understand your need for remote talent is borderless, so we help you find top talent across Canada. Do you have a hybrid working condition? Not a problem. We can connect you to local talent as well.

Get the Right Candidate In the Door

It can be difficult to find the right talent on a time crunch. Fortunately, our IT talent acquisition solution helps to attract the right candidate before the job is even available.   

Attract Top Talent

It’s important to attract the right people because they play a huge role on your company’s overall success. Are you planning to start that big development project in 2 years? Will you get government funding for new employees next year? Now is the perfect time to create a strategic, long-term plan that matches your hiring trends. When you’re ready to hire, the top talent will already know your name.

Align Recruitment and Strategy

Your talent acquisition strategy should align with your overall company strategy and vision. You may have a goal to diversify your talent over the next 5 years. You may plan to open a new office in Vancouver that needs new talent. Whatever the case, Microserve is deeply involved in the IT community; we can help.

Access Our Talent Pipeline

With over 30 years in business building connections within the IT community, we have a large talent pipeline for our clients to access. We continually maintain and refresh our internal database of over 45,000 qualified candidates. Our IT Talent Acquisition specialists build relationships with top talent to get them into your door.

Hire Senior Leaders

Finding the right leader for a senior role is challenging. Some companies take over 6 months to fill an open position for a C-level manager role, or struggle with filling higher-level managerial positions. Your IT talent acquisition strategic goals can include attracting senior leaders to reduce the time and effort spent recruiting senior leaders.

The Right Talent at the Right Time

Take the luck out of finding the right candidate with Microserve’s specialized IT Staffing team. With our knowledge of people and the IT industry, we are backed by our permanent placement guarantee. Whether you are looking to fill an open IT position or looking for your ideal IT career, we’ve got you covered.

“The IT industry is fast-paced and ever-changing. Let us handle your IT hiring so you can focus on what really matters – your business and your customers“

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IT Staffing for Candidates

At Microserve, we take the time to understand each candidate’s job requirements, career goals, and special interests so we can match them with the perfect job. With our university work, our OEM partners, and our business connections, we can introduce you into open tech positions that could be your dream gig.

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