Modern Workplace

Proven Technology That Supports Workplace Collaboration

The modern workplace is changing rapidly, which makes it difficult to keep up with today’s industry best standards on employee collaboration and IT management solutions. The world is not slowing down, so neither should your business.

To best support our customers. Microserve has partnered with Microsoft to deliver the Modern Workplace. Through leveraging Microsoft 365 at the core of the offering, the Modern Workplace is focused on driving an improved user experience and enabling productivity, while at the same time ensuring adequate security controls to protect access to applications and data.

Microsoft Silver Partner

The Modern Workplace is More Vital Than Ever

The pandemic has taught us that we need the ability to work from everywhere; and ultimately user experience is paramount in driving productivity in a new normal. Organizations today need the ability to collaborate with their coworkers, clients and partners and the technology must be easy to use and reliable.

With “modern workplace” related technologies changing rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up with today’s industry best standards on employee collaboration and IT management solutions. The world is not slowing down, so neither should your business.

That is why Microserve has partnered with Microsoft to provide you with an end to end Modern Workplace solution. It is complete with tools to help you keep your workforce connected, operationally efficient, and productive.

Modern Workplace Tools

Business Applications – Mobility & Security – Unified Endpoint Management – Cloud Computing

Keep your business running with essential business applications through Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise & Outlook Email
Secure your customer data and business information with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security which leverages Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Configuration Center
Encourage connectivity, communication, and collaboration with Microsoft Teams
Share and manage your business’ documents through Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive to centralize your business operations
Reduce IT management costs with cloud computing through Microsoft Azure

A Customized Approach to the Modern Workplace

The Microsoft Modern Workplace solution is fully customizable to your business goals and needs. Each workplace is unique, so we’ll work with you directly to uncover the best approach for managing your Modern Workplace.

Business Productivity & Operations

Use Microsoft Office to edit Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files within Office 365. Additionally, when you integrate your Office 365 into your Microsoft Teams account, it streamlines your business operations and productivity. Your employees can edit Office documents directly within Teams. Likewise, in the Modern Workplace, Microsoft Outlook enables your employees’ operational efficiency with emails and calendar scheduling.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Gain access to centralized team communication with video meeting, calling, and chatting capabilities. Microsoft Teams encourages real-time team communication and collaboration. Teams offers multiple ways for people to work together; your employees can engage in one-on-one or group chats, create different channels for various projects, and host online meetings with people from different organizations. Not only does Microsoft Teams integrate with Microsoft applications like Power BI but it also integrates with a large number of third-party applications such as Salesforce, GitHub, and

File Sharing & Storage

Share and manage files in a centralized location to enable collaboration across your entire organization. Individuals can work together on a file and directly share it on Microsoft SharePoint so the entire team can view and work on that same file. Additionally, Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based service that offers the ability to collaborate on documents with people outside of your organization. So, whether you are in the office, at home, working internally, or working with external team members, the Modern Workplace has you covered.


Protect your sensitive data and monitor malicious activities on your business devices. Get information protection, threat protection, and cloud security with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Using a combination of Microsoft Identity Protection with Azure AD and Microsoft Intune, you can control identity and access management, implement conditional access policies, manage compliance, and identify potential insider risks. Microsoft Azure allows you to implement data loss prevention (DLP) policies to ensure only authorized users have access to the identified data. Using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can implement multi-factor authentication and identity and access management policies.

IT Management

Deploy your applications anywhere, anytime with zero touch deployment. Stop estimating capacity requirements with the ability to scale up or scale down quickly. The Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows you to create management policies for your devices, and provides analytics so you can make informed decisions about your devices and applications.

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