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The shift to cloud services gives business leaders unprecedented opportunities for convenience, efficiency, security and flexibility.

Microserve’s team of Cloud Services Experts can guide you through the process of selecting the best cloud-based storage and application options to match your goals whether you want to leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud.


Dynamic Cloud Options From Microserve

Multiple options for secure, flexible, offsite backup and cloud storage
SaaS cloud deployment for anti-spam, virtual desktops, hosted applications, and more
Additional protection against data loss and cybersecurity attacks including networking firewalls, physical datacenter protection, and more
Tier III Canadian-based datacenters to meet Canadian data regulations
Scalable options that allow for dynamic infrastructure scaling to meet future organizational growth
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More Options, Less Hassle.

Microserve’s cloud services give you the ability to restructure your IT network. You get powerful tools for productivity and data protection—with all the advantages of working in the cloud and none of the disadvantages of time spent managing the cloud. Our clients choose between Managed Cloud on dedicated ESXi servers or in shared ESXi clusters.

Convenient Scalability

Moving to the cloud provides reduced network latency; this gives you the ability to scale as required. So, as your business grows and your data backup & storage needs change, Microserve’s flexible cloud storage options give you the ability to scale storage space up or down on the fly. This way, you pay for what you need today, and grow tomorrow.

Guard Your Data

Keeping your data safe and compliant is essential. Our cloud servers are located in BC, Canada and backed by our strong reputation for world-class cybersecurity. The back-end network and cloud storage components are shared; however, they are segregated using dedicated VLANs and VxLAN technology for each tenant.

Access From Anywhere

Cloud storage and applications give you and your staff the ability to work from anywhere. And in today’s work environment – that’s essential. With some employees working from home and some working in the office, your IT network and storage challenges are important considerations. A Cloud environment gives your business the flexibility it needs to operate with a hybrid working model.

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

With our Managed Cloud solution, we manage and operate all aspects of a physical datacenter (physical servers, storage, power, network, utility, cooling) hosted in a Tier III datacenter in BC, Canada. Our clients get server and storage resources on demand and on a monthly basis, as opposed to a traditional owned or leased model.

Winning With Cloud Services

We believe it’s not enough to just offer cloud services. We believe it’s important to go a step further, pairing those services with expert-level consultation to ensure you get exactly what you need to succeed. That’s what sets Microserve apart. We’re committed to the highest possible levels of service.

“At Microserve, we aim to connect IT teams with the right resources to make them work faster, more efficiently, and safer. We do this by understanding our customers’ environments and offering a combination of solutions that work with their environment and business operations.”

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