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To avoid costly and disruptive cyberattacks, using a well-designed Cybersecurity Assessment carried out on a regular basis gives you a holistic, fact-based assessment of your risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with your environment. Microserve’s Cybersecurity Assessment helps address rapidly changing cybersecurity threats and risks. It is the perfect way to maximize security, understand your vulnerabilities, and protect your data. 

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Data-driven Cybersecurity Assessments

Using a combination of tools and expertise, our security experts help you to quickly assess your organization’s cybersecurity status and to create a fact-based action plan to improve your cybersecurity. An automated security assessment tool provides insights into your security vulnerabilities based on data from your infrastructure and Office 365.

Intune CSAT collects relevant information through an automated survey that uses agents which delete themselves following the endpoint scan, minimizing the effort required from the internal IT department.

We collect relevant data by:

Scanning all endpoints and other systems in the network

Scanning the Active Directory and Azure AD

Scanning content in Office 365, SharePoint

Concerned about your network's security?

Our network security consultants can help you conduct a vulnerability assessment to Identify weak spots and come up with a scheme to shore up your defenses.

Concerned about your network's security?

Our network security consultants can help you conduct a vulnerability assessment to Identify weak spots and come up with a scheme to shore up your defenses.

As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, we offer Microsoft’s suite of security solutions. Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is Microsoft’s managed email security solution. It provides a comprehensive set of security features for all Microsoft applications.

Defender for Office 365 identifies malicious emails that may compromise your network and filters them out using advanced AI. Defender for Identity flags behavioral anomalies and provides reporting on user activities across devices. Defender for Endpoint detects, assesses, and manages risks and vulnerabilities associated with the endpoint.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Microserve's Approach to Cybersecurity

Know what you have

What Endpoints are connected to you network?

Know what to do when something bad happens

Do you have a plan for stolen endpoints or data breaches?

Educate Users

Have your users been trained to identify phishing scams? Do they know how to prevent/respond to cyberattacks?

Control Access

Who has access to the machine and what did they do or try to do?

Know what normal looks like

Could you identify a potential breach?

Keep it up to date

Are you aware of what software versions you are running and whether this software is vulnerable?

Rinse & repeat

IT Security needs to be a continuous process for it to be successful

Microserve IT Security Services

Microserve provides a complete range of cybersecurity products and services in partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Fortinet, Arctic Wolf, Cisco, NINJIO, Proofpoint, Tenable, TerraNova Security and Trustwave.

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Our Security Operations Assessment methodology is based on industry-standard security management frameworks such as NIST. With more than 10 years of experience with public and private sector organizations, we can assess your organization’s operational maturity, security posture, and provide practical recommendations for improvements. If your company uses another framework this is not a problem, as we also work with CIS Control v8, ISO27001 in addition to having expertise with laws and regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA. 

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Using a combination of tools and expertise, we help you to quickly assess your organization’s cybersecurity status and to create a fact-based action plan to improve your cybersecurity posture. A Cybersecurity Roadmap is also the perfect way to demonstrate you are taking security seriously and are considering your compliance requirements. In addition, the result of this tool can help your company create its security roadmap for 1, 2, or 3 years ahead. 

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Fortinet’s firewall solutionFortiGate Unified Threat Management, is a market-leading managed firewall solution — and Microserve has been providing it since 2008. Fortinet’s revolutionary Security Fabric offers the industry’s best threat research with unique automation capabilities. Microserve provides design, implementation, and management services on the full range of Fortinet security appliances, as well as secure switching and wireless networking solutions. 

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Through Microserve’s partnership with Trustwave, our clients gain access to world-class Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and PCI compliance services. Trustwave is a global information security company that helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data, and reduce security risk. Microserve offers Trustwave’s comprehensive portfolio of managed security services and data protection technology. 

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A well-trained user community is your first line of defense against cyberthreats. An effective training program combines engaging content with testing to ensure users are truly grasping the concepts presented. Microserve offers Security Awareness Training, which engages users in micro-learning videos and tasks. We also offer Security Training, which is a multilingual training platform with content for privacy and security awarenessthese are solutions that teach users in a good mood, making safety training highly engaging. 

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In Partnership with ArcticWolf, Microserve provides ArcticWolf’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. It offers 24×7 monitoring of networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to help our customers detect, respond, and recover from modern cyberattacks. Additionally, Microserve security experts investigate suspicious activity, so you do not have to. We work with you on detection, response, and remediation to validate the threat has been neutralized and verifying it has not returned. 

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