About Microserve

Technology is empowering. It helps us accomplish more with fewer resources. We can use it to maintain high-quality work, even at breakneck speeds, or to achieve things we haven’t imagined yet. And it connects us, allowing us to stay in contact anytime, anywhere.

At Microserve, we use technology to empower our clients to succeed. That means delivering the kind of IT support and consultation that helps turn your goals into reality.

Microserve is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. Founded in 1987, we support the IT needs of businesses and organizations across industries throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Atlantic Canada, with clients ranging from mid-sized operations to enterprise-level organizations. We partner with each of our clients, regardless of size, to provide custom, responsive IT support and solutions that propel our clients toward their goals.

We genuinely believe we’re the best choice for IT support in Canada.

Our Core Values

Our values are the bedrock of how we operate. This is what you can expect when you partner with us.

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We Sweep Floors

IT support is an ongoing task. We understand that, and we never stop taking proactive steps to deliver the best possible service for our clients. At Microserve no task is beneath anyone. Everyone works together to get the job done, whatever it takes.


We Are Open and Responsive

At Microserve, we practice transparency—with our clients and with each other. We believe this is the best way to foster knowledge sharing and best practices with our clients and within our organization. This means we welcome clear communication and are always open to feedback and new ideas.


We Are Flexible

Flexibility is key to our approach and delivery models. We adapt to the preferences and needs of our clients. We believe the only way to maintain our strong market position is to continuously embrace change, always keeping our clients’ goals at the center of our focus.


We Are Not Stuffy

We maintain a relaxed and casual company environment where people feel comfortable being themselves. Embracing diversity is core to our internal culture. We’re confident that diversity, combined with our personable approach, serves our clients.


We Are Customer Driven

Nothing matters more to us than meeting our clients’ needs. Your goals, objectives and challenges are the agenda. Your priorities are our priorities. We’re always looking for ways to go above and beyond in meeting expectations.

Our Leadership Team

The innovative, creative, and problem-solving mindset that permeates our whole organization is exemplified by our executive team. These are the leaders who motivate our staff and cultivate enduring client relationships.

Heather Schaan

Vice President & General Manager

Nigel Brown

Vice President of Professional Services

Jim Scarrow

Director of Ecommerce

Sylvain Jacob

Vice President of Sales

Mike Gazzola

Vice President of Finance

Mark Walpot

Vice President of Technical Services

Michelle Mackay

Vice President of Operations

Scott MacWilliam

Regional Director of Technical Services & Operations

Gord McBride

Director of Managed Print Services

Gary Pike

Director of Tech Center Operations

Charisma Maharaj

Director, People & Culture

Trevor Stack

Director, Alberta Region

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