Managed Print Services

Taking Care Of Your Print & Imaging Devices

Printing is one of those technologies that’s easy to take for granted. If you need something on paper, you should be able to just print it. Easy, right?

And yet, coordinating all the print devices for a large office is a deceptively complex task. That’s where Microserve’s managed print services come into the picture.

The managed print services team at Microserve can help you lower costs, create a better user experience, and streamline your office output. We’ll make sure your printers and other imaging devices “just work”—every time you need them.


Printer Services & Solutions From Microserve

Complete managed print solutions, including equipment recommendations, maintenance, end user support, servicing and oversight
Strategic analysis of your current print solutions and business needs
Consolidation of your printing equipment to improve efficiency and lower cost
Optimization to ensure you’re using the best possible technology for your needs
The right devices for the right print volumes
Environmentally friendly options to reduce your company’s carbon footprint
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Who Knew Managed Print Services Could Do So Much?

Printer support sounds simple. It’s anything but. There’s a lot to coordinate. This is one area of business where it really pays off to turn to a professional. And trust us—it does pay off. You can increase efficiency, lower overhead and make employees happier all in one fell swoop.

Get Strategic With Printing

We’ll begin by taking stock of what you currently have. Many companies have no idea. We’ll create a thorough inventory before anything else.

Simplify & Streamline

Once we know what you’re working with, we can begin to create alignment. We typically recommend fewer brands and compatible toner cartridges.

No Inconvenient Surprises

Speaking of toner, we’ll keep an eye on your toner levels. We can alert you before you run out, so you never have a last-minute printer emergency.

Budget Friendly

The great thing about print management is that it makes your life easier and saves money. We’ll help you drop your print costs as much as possible.

The Upside of Credibility

We’ve helped dozens of businesses in Canada streamline their print management. We can help you, too.

Not only do we have the expertise, but we also have an unrivaled commitment to our clients. We want to help you achieve success. If you’re ready for better efficiency (and some savings to boot), you’re ready for Microserve’s managed print services.

“Many enterprises see a number of advantages to [managed print services]. A formal approach to managing the devices can be a catalyst for big cost savings and an increase in office efficiency. . .”

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