Backup & Disaster Recovery

How is your Plan B?

How much money will you lose if your system went down for 2 hours? Ransomware is alarmingly common and can cause massive data loss. Not only that – all kinds of things can take your company’s network offline – from something as mundane as a power outage to something as catastrophic as a natural disaster.

Would your data be safe? Do you have a plan for staying productive? If not, there’s no better time than right now to talk to the BDR experts at Microserve.


Backup & Disaster Recovery From Microserve

Get a custom, strategic data recovery plan with periodic failover testing to limit data loss.
Consider the physical geographical spread of data that reduces risk of data loss due to a catastrophic or natural disaster. We use Canadian-based data centres to meet your regulatory needs.
Save on networking costs and reduce downtime with cloud-based backup & disaster recovery.
Protect from accidental deletion, cybersecurity threats, and retention policy gaps.
Get a complete SaaS solution available on a month-to-month plan based on your needs.
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How Essential is BDR?

A business continuity plan kicks in when all your normal means of operation are unavailable. A critical element of a business continuity plan is the IT backup and disaster recovery plan. It can minimize downtime, reduce recovery time, and help maintain profitability when you need it most.

Recovery is Everything

Data is considered to be one the most important assets in an organization, so data recovery in the event of a disaster is everything. Our customers can restore emails, calendar events, contacts, and other types of image, volume, or file-level backup files. You could also restore application files at the image-level to reduce downtime on business-critical applications.

The 3-2-1 Rule of Backup

It’s the gold standard of backups: three copies of your data on two different media with at least one stored offsite. We will make it a reality for your business by providing you with an account rep and an engineer to guide you every step of the way. In addition to thorough backup solutions to ensure your data is always safe, we will also deliver regular reports so you are always in the know.

Keep Network Downtime Down

Network downtime is unavoidable. The best possible strategy is to be ready for it when it comes, and with technology advancements, you have BDR options. Cloud backup disaster & recovery solutions from Microserve can help you save downtime and networking costs by having a backup of your files and systems stored in the cloud – ready whenever you need it.

The Silver Lining

No one likes thinking about worst case scenarios. That’s why so many business leaders put off developing a backup and disaster recovery plan. But there’s a silver lining. A strategic BDR plan gives you an advantage that is hard to beat— it gives you peace of mind with a “just-in-case” emergency plan. Rest assured, even if the worst happens, your business will be ready.

Common Challenges

Rise of disasters and ransomware. Maintaining uptime requires a lack of human errors (nearly impossible). Data centers could go down for many reasons

“Today’s [BDR plan] is like a Swiss army knife, a tool to solve many problems! Think of it as a resiliency tool to handle not only a cataclysmic disaster, but also smaller disruptions and planned changes as well.”

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