Managed IT Services

Your IT is Our Top Priority

50% of employees say their PC devices are out of date or insufficient according to a study by Lenovo. Not only that, but 46% of employees cite frequent software malfunctions and disruptions to their work. That’s where Microserve’s Managed IT Services come in. Let us help you reduce the operational expenses you spend on hardware and minimize your network downtime.

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Connect with the Best IT Vendors

We’ve cultivated strategic partnerships with the best IT vendors in the industry like Dell, Veeam, and Lenovo to provide you with the latest hardware and software at the best price.

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IT Service Desk

Support is critical for your organization’s IT to be productive and to avoid downtime. When things go wrong, the Microserve IT Help Desk Support is your go-to source for day-to-day support. Our Canada-based IT Service Desk Support team responds to all your IT issues in a timely manner to mitigate the impact from any potential IT failure. Accessible via a convenient helpline, our IT Service Desk provides you with on-call support whenever you need it.


24/7 Monitoring and IT Support

Your critical devices and your business network need to be reliable, so Microserve offers proactive 24/7 Advanced Availability and Performance Monitoring to ensure that your IT environment is healthy and functioning. We’ll be able to identify threats or issues to address them as they come so you can remain productive and avoid network downtime. If things go wrong, your Microserve support team will help you respond to issues in quickly.

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Managed IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure needs to be provisioned, managed, and maintained to keep IT services running smoothly and securely. With over 30 years in the business, Microserve has partnered with the best to provide our customers with multi-vendor access and great prices on hardware and software. We’ve help countless customers address gaps in their IT infrastructure, plan application rollouts, and create flexible solutions that help businesses quickly respond to the everchanging business landscape.


Virtual CIO

Your very own Virtual CIO assists you with identifying business risks, defining long-term strategy, and accurate technology budgeting. Just as a conventional CIO might do, your vCIO links your business objectives with your long-term IT strategy. A vCIO provides proactive consultation and specialized IT knowledge, including best practices assessment, centralized services and support, and proactive network assessments.

Why would I outsource IT to a managed service company?

An IT partner understands that IT can be a source of incredible risk and has professional experience dealing with a variety of IT failures across different environments. Managed Services minimizes the inherent risk associated with your IT infrastructure and mitigates the impact arising from potential IT failure.

“As technology adapts and changes over the years, I’m proud to lead a team that not only understand that but also keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with the best support.”

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