Security with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Suite

Empowering productivity and efficiency with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Suite

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Securing Your Business with Microsoft's Modern Workplace Suite

With 23% of small and medium businesses reporting a security breach at an average cost of $108K, it’s crucial to prioritize security. As work environments become more hybrid, the risks to businesses of all sizes increase. 

With Microserve, you can rest easy. Our complete suite of Microsoft Modern Workplace products and services offer end-to-end protection for your business, from endpoint security to access management and cloud security. Trust us to secure your business success, reputation, compliance, and user data.

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Access Management

Enable users to work efficiently with adaptive access management policies that protect data and assets. Security admins benefit from a unified identify management that provides a user-friendly way to manage identities in a single control pane.


Cloud and Data Security

Protect cloud assets across multi-cloud and hybrid work environments with threat intelligence. Strengthen cloud security posture with end-to-end protection that defends against modern threats. Control access and manage permissions for critical cloud-based resources, apps, and data.


Endpoint Security

Defend against modern, sophisticated threats and malware with advanced threat protection for all endpoints. Reduce your attack surface by identifying vulnerabilities. Maintain compliance standards across all endpoints with antivirus, endpoint detection and response, and firewall policies.


Threat Detection and Response

Detect, prevent, and respond to modern threats and attacks with a rapid response plan and sophisticated security policies. Create a customized alert system that identifies anomalies and prioritizes security risks.

Technology Solution

Get the most out of Microsoft products with our team of experts. From Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Defender for Identity, we provide custom solutions and expert consultation for a secure and efficient digital operation. Trust us to bring your Microsoft solutions to the next level.

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Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management platform.  It provides flexibility to businesses who need to set up conditional access to their data and devices — allowing security teams to optimize their security posture by setting customizable policies from a centralized control pane. Azure AD provides Single Sign-On (SSO) and multi-factor authentication methods to keep data secure in hybrid environments. 


Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is an application that offers native protection for Office 365. With phishing scams on the rise, Microsoft Defender for Office 365 uses advanced AI that detects and filters out emails that may compromise your network such as emails containing malicious links, ransomware, targeted attacks, and more. Within the Office 365 dashboard, you can investigations any vulnerabilities across your environment and can remediate these potential threats. 


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a cloud-based application that detects, assesses, and manages risks and vulnerabilities. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offers a unified security management platform for endpoint protection with a rich and secure API ecosystem. Windows Defender Antivirus — Microsoft’s next-generation protection — reduces application-based vulnerabilities with rules that help prevent malware and is part of the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint offering.  


Microsoft Defender for Identity

Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based platform, formerly known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection or Azure ATP. Microsoft Defender for Identity uses built-in intelligence to profile user behaviour and identity behavioural anomalies. Its comprehensive reporting gives you a snapshot of your users’ activities across devices. Organizations use Microsoft Defender for Identity to make it harder to compromise user credentials and to access reporting that helps to reduce attack surfaces. 

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Microserve security assessment & workshops

The Microsoft Security suite addresses the security concerns of the modern workplace, such as off-network devices, managing mobile devices, identity and access management, private security training workshops and more. Microserve security consultants help you assess your overall security posture to identify potential vulnerabilities or areas of improvement. 

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We are dedicated to supporting your business and helping you thrive in the digital age. Connect with us to get started with the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite.