Modern Device Management with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Suite

Empowering productivity and efficiency with Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Suite

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Empowering Remote Productivity

Modern Device Management uses cloud-based applications and tools that enable users to be secure and productive from anywhere. Organizations strive to power users to work efficiently and autonomously, while protecting data and endpoints with a Zero Trust security model. 

Microserve offers the Microsoft Modern Workplace Suite to manage devices in modern, hybrid work environments. From endpoint management to provisioning, deployment, policy management, and beyond — Microsoft helps businesses address modern device management challenges across laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and any other endpoints. 

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Endpoint Management

Gain device visibility with information about operating systems, models, applications, and more to secure devices that connect to the network. Endpoint management helps organizations manage policies, monitor compliance, apply security patches, maintain accurate inventories, and more.


Deployment and Provisioning

Deploy applications, security patches, updates, and configuration settings to devices across your network. Provision devices with the right access, software, email or communication services, and security applications before devices reach the end-user to streamline processes.


Policy Management

Define how users interact with your environment by creating, implementing, and managing policies. Manage security policies like password requirements and application usage to enforce compliance. Enforce policies across all devices and users to protect and secure data.

Technology Solution

We leverages the power of Microsoft solutions to provide top-notch service to our clients.


Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a unified endpoint management solution. The cloud-based solution simplifies the management of devices with a Zero Trust security model to increase efficiency in hybrid environments. Manage laptops, desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and virtualized endpoints through Intune policies. Hybrid environments are supported with application management for both organizationowned devices and BYOD programs. Use Microsoft Intune to manage policies, applications, device configuration, and more. 

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Microsoft Configuration Manager

Microsoft Configuration Manager is an on-premises solution to manage desktops, laptops, Windows servers, or other devices on your network. It helps manage applications, operating systems, and software updates. Use Configuration Manager to reduce the manual management of on-prem devices and empower users with the right tooling and software. Co-management with Intune is possible for hybrid-cloud environments for on-premises and cloud management. 


Endpoint Analytics with Microsoft 365

Endpoint Analytics is part of the Microsoft Adoption Score in the Microsoft 365 suite. It helps organizations to better understand their environment to optimize device usability. Analyze a device’s start up performance, application reliability, and more with actionable insights. Use Endpoint Analytics to proactively identify ineffective policies, hardware issues, application errors, and more. Analyze data that is benchmarked against industry averages to provide context. 

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Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) is a cloud-based identity and access management platform. Use Azure AD to manage user identities, devices, and access to cloud-based and on-premises resources. Set conditional access by using Intune with Azure AD to provide secure, user-based access to resources. Enforce multi-factor authentication or single sign-on access to verify user identity — keeping your data and devices secure. 


Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot quickly brings any device into a business-ready state by auto-enrolling devices at reset into MDM services, such as Microsoft Intune. Use Windows Autopilot as part of your modern device management strategy to create and auto-assign configuration groups to devices based on the devices’ profile. Provisioning and set up is automated once the end user logs in with their credentials. Spend less time on imaging and more time on important tasks. 

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