3 Ways to Empower Your Workforce

By Microserve
3 ways to empower your workforce with enterprise mobility technologies

3 Effective Ways to Empower Your Workforce

With rapid innovation of mobile technologies and shifting employee expectations, the modern workplace is changing. The concept of working 9-to-5 and only collaborating in face-to-face meetings simply isn’t realistic anymore. Employees want to be able to work from anywhere at any time and expect the enterprise to provide the same level of flexibility and connectivity as their personal devices and social accounts. To keep up, enterprises need to put technologies in place to deliver workforce mobility— and soon; by 2020 approximately 75% of the workforce will rely on mobile devices to do their jobs. The good news is that mobilizing the workforce benefits both the enterprise and the employee.

Mobility Benefits for Employees

For the employee, mobility enhances overall satisfaction. After all, mobility technologies give employees location-independence, more flexibility to define their own schedules and the ability to stay in the loop and fully responsive wherever they may be. Millennials, who now make up approximately 75% of the workforce, even claim to value tech perks nearly 5x more than a stocked kitchen.

Mobility Benefits for the Enterprise

For the enterprise, mobility improves speed and quality of business decision-making as data can be efficiently collected from the field and stakeholders can weigh in from anywhere. Mobility is also good for the bottom line: in a recent survey, companies executing business mobility had 2-3x more ROI over surveyed organizations.

Technology is Enabling Enterprise Mobility

To deliver on the mobility demands of both enterprises and employees, IT departments are pushing to keep up with technology requirements, including cloud and desktop virtualization, mobile devices and the increasing need for faster and more accessible Wi-Fi. Is your enterprise keeping up with mobility IT?

Here are 3 technologies that can help mobilize your workforce

WI-GIG  Wi-Gig technology connects devices to high speed internet with a wireless desktop docking system, making it easy for employees to come and go. For added convenience, Wi-Gig does away with messy wires and the need to constantly plug in.
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LTE-WWAN ANTENNAS  Provide your workforce with always-on internet connectivity virtually anywhere using the latest LTE-A WWAN antennas available in many new devices. This technology combines the high performance internet and seamless mobility employees expect today.
POGO-PIN CONNECTORS New Pogo-pin connectors change the way employees interact with convertible devices; employees can leave behind parts they don’t need, or transform individual devices from a tablet into a notebook or a projector. With Pogo-pin connectors, employees are empowered to choose the best device for the task at hand.
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet

How mobile is your enterprise?

Microserve understands the complex challenges of managing end user computing and mobility in this new era of technology. We’ll help you navigate the changes and create an end user computing strategy that provides control and security while still giving the flexibility, protection, and ease of use for end-users. A comprehensive end-user computing and mobility strategy incorporates the full range system management strategies including VDI, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), BYOD policies, and system management software applications.
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