January 19, 2016 by Paulo Gomes

IT Recruitment and Staffing Through the Ages

IT Recruitment and Staffing Through the Ages

It’s 2015 and time for a new approach to IT staffing

IT hiring has come a long way over the years. Today, IT recruitment and staffing services, like we offer here at Microserve, maintain a pool of carefully screened candidates, from which they hand pick perfect matches for companies who need to hire more staff. But it wasn’t always that easy. Let’s take a little stroll through the evolution of IT hiring, to see just how far we’ve come.

IT B.C. – Caveman Days

Emerging technology in the caveman era was simple, but vital to survival. Somebody had to work out methods for shaping those clubs, or else how would Ugg get that saber-toothed tiger on the dinner table? Caveman companies’ recruiting methods were less than sophisticated, but they knew what they were looking for—someone who could lead them into the future with innovative ideas, like making bigger clubs—and making even bigger clubs! Because the interview process involved the use of said clubs, however, sadly, many otherwise qualified applicants ended up losing out on positions due to head trauma, and brawn usually trumped brains.

IT Hiring in Ancient Greece

What did smart guys like Pythagoras and Socrates do for their day jobs? Why, they were IT guys, of course! Everyone knows the ancient Greeks were a very advanced society—although IT recruiting in Sparta was pretty harsh. Their first criteria was to look good in those tiny leather warrior Speedos—and sword-wielding ability was also high on the list of qualifications. Athenians, on the other hand, wanted an IT guy who was cultured—but not too cultured, or else out came the hemlock. Finding just the right balance was difficult, and many an ancient business owner felt it was a Greek tragedy that the process was so hard.

IT Recruiting in the Middle Ages

Medieval royalty and nobility needed IT teams to help run their kingdoms and estates, though at that time, IT wizards were actually real wizards. Because of this, recruiting took the form of magic summoning spells performed by the royal sorcerer, which, strangely enough, usually resulted in a friend or relative of said sorcerer being chosen. Because these new IT wizards were not very experienced in their newly appointed duties, there was an unusual amount of turnover in the field, as heads tended to roll at the slightest provocation.

IT Staffing in the Age of Enlightenment

With a new focus on liberty and equality, organizations during the Enlightenment felt that actual qualifications were unnecessary for an IT position—what mattered was simply giving your fellow man a job. While the sentiment was noble, the practice swiftly became problematic—and became even worse when new hires kept running off to join various revolutions.

IT Recruitment and Staffing in the 20th Century

Interestingly, hiring practices in the 20th century did not differ much from earlier centuries. While there was admittedly much less violence involved, and the actual qualifications of each applicant were considered, recruiting techniques were similar. Companies simply broadcasted the message that they were hiring, and then waited to see what fate would bring them. This method produced extremely irregular results, based almost entirely on luck or personal connections.

IT Recruiting in 2015

Today, smart companies turn to professional, experienced IT recruitment and staffing companies like Microserve to choose from a pool of screened, qualified candidates whenever the need arises. But Microserve goes one step further, doing intensive research into your company’s needs, wants, and even culture, and then hand picking the candidates we feel would be the best fit in every one of those dimensions. This way, your company is guaranteed to find the best person for the job, period.

So if you’re looking for a new IT team member, don’t stay stuck in the past. Contact Microserve today to learn how we can make IT recruitment and staffing modern for you.

Time traveler picture by JD Hancock.
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