April 18, 2016 by Paulo Gomes

Let IT Experts Handle Your IT Recruiting

Let IT Experts Handle Your IT Recruiting
Let’s say you want to build a new website for your company. You know you want it built and maintained in-house, but your current IT team doesn’t include a web developer. It’s time to hire one—but how do you know what to look for in the ideal web developer?

What if you have a special IT project you need taken care of ASAP? Your IT team can’t add the extra work onto their load, and you really need a specialist who can get it done. How do you find top-notch contract IT talent?

Maybe you’re looking for a CIO to take your company in a new direction. Do you know what to look for in a CIO? You know you need senior IT experience, but what does that look like?

The solution in each of these scenarios? Let IT experts handle your IT recruiting.

At Microserve, we offer IT recruitment and staffing services for every need. Whether you’re looking for a permanent hire, a short-term contractor, an executive, or a specialist; we can find the right fit for any position from our pool of thousands of top candidates. Our years of experience and expertise mean that we know exactly what to look for in the ideal candidate for any IT position. We look at more than the job requirement—we also look at your company culture and the soft skills needed for a candidate to be truly at home and successful in your organization.

Here’s how the Microserve process works.

First, we talk with you to get an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the position and understand your company culture. There is much more to hiring than technical skills. You can teach anyone new skills for a job, but you can’t turn someone who is a jerk into a nice person no matter how much you train.

Requirements in hand, we tap into our database of candidates, do initial interviews, and select the people best suited to the role to interview. Our pre-screening interviews weed out people who don’t have the communication and soft-skills for the job. Lots of candidates look great on paper, but when interviewed aren’t nearly as qualified as you first thought.

When we have suitable candidates for you, we coordinate with you for the first round of in person interviews and any skill testing you might require for the position. Having candidate complete short assignments or skills tests is an increasingly common practice to help employers see how people work, follow directions, and apply their skills.

If this sounds like a better way of hiring new IT talent than just looking through whatever resumes you happen to get and hoping you’re choosing someone with the right skill set, then call Microserve today, and get the process started. With our decades of experience matching organizations with IT talent, and our solid expertise in the industry, we’ll have your position filled with the right person in no time.
Paulo Gomes
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Paulo Gomes is the Business Development Manager for Western Canada responsible for identifying and developing new client prospects, managing existing client relationships, and ensuring successful delivery of Microserve staffing services and solutions to clients. Paulo has decades of IT and recruiting experience with a talent for finding people who are the right fit for your company.

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