January 4, 2017 by Sonia Ghag

Let’s Give Back!

Let’s Give Back!

Microserve Raises Money for Local Charities and Scholarships 

As the holidays have just wrapped up, we’re all slowly returning to work this week. Many of us will miss the endless supply of chocolate, egg nog, and turkey leftovers. Others will be glad it’s over as the holiday parties are finally done – it’s time to get back into our normal routines and make time to run errands. The gyms are going to be over-crowded, the grocery store line ups seem like a mile long and the IKEA parking lots are overflowing. But in the midst of all this, we want to reflect on how we gave back to our communities this holiday season.

Annually, Microserve hosts six holiday parties (a client and a staff event for each of our three branches: Vancouver, Victoria, and Edmonton). We raise money at each event for a variety of charities and causes.

The neat part is that Microserve staff get to pick the charity that they want to support at each staff party. At the Edmonton staff party, for the second consecutive year, Microserve chose to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital and raised $545.

With the help of our generous client and vendors, we raised $2,265 at our Edmonton Client Holiday Party. One hundred percent of these funds go toward the Microserve Scholarship at the University of Alberta which benefits students in the Business Management, Information Systems program.

In Victoria, our staff chose to support the Women’s Transition House Society, also for the second year in a row and they raised $710. At the Victoria Client Holiday Party, $3,000 was raised for Business Management students at the University of Victoria. Thanks again to the ongoing generosity of our clients and vendors.

In Vancouver, our wonderful clients and vendor partners helped us raise $2,070, and all the proceeds went towards our Scholarship fund at BCIT. Our Vancouver staff party is yet to happen, but we’re already looking forward to raising a lot of money for the BC Children’s Hospital.

Microserve is proud to continue supporting our communities year after year, especially around the holidays. We look forward to giving back each year and hope that we’ve inspired you to do the same. A big thank you to all our staff and clients that supported our fundraising efforts, we couldn’t have done it without you. Now let’s put down the Ferrero Rocher, turn off the holiday music and get back to work – at least until the next holiday.  

Photo is from Flickr by ProFlowers.

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