November 19, 2015 by Nigel Brown

My IT Guy Has a Nervous Tick, and Other Reasons Why Managed Services Make Sense

My IT Guy Has a Nervous Tick, and Other Reasons Why Managed Services Make Sense
Imagine if you ran your entire business single-handedly.

Imagine you were responsible for every single aspect of your company, from sales and marketing, to accounting, to customer service.


You’re a smart business owner – you know enough about each of these functions to handle them pretty well. But you’re not an expert in any one of them; you’re an expert in what your business actually does. Spending all that time on accounting or marketing would keep you from focusing your attention on your true area of expertise, and keeping an eye out for strategic opportunities for growth – not to mention make you go completely batty, as you run frantically from one task to the next.

Now, compare that to an average day in the life of your IT guy.

Your IT guy is constantly in motion, being in charge of everything from email, to backup, to security, to fixing the weird flashy thingy on Stan’s monitor, to reinstalling the software Savanna somehow accidentally deleted from her laptop. He’s good at what he does – but the field of IT is so broad, it’s just not possible for him to be an expert in every single aspect of it. You manage complexity by using experts. IT isn’t just the computers or the printers or the servers or the backups…it’s all of that working together. And each of those things, have their own experts.

With so many different (and vital!) tasks all clamoring for his attention at once, it’s inevitable that some things end up with ‘good-enough’ fixes, or temporary patches. And all the time he spends running around fixing flashy thingies would be much better spent focusing on the big picture, updating your company’s IT security strategy, for example, or finding ways to make your company’s processes more efficient. Or even finding ways technology can save you money.

Luckily for your poor, put-upon IT guy, there is a way to stop the madness. Just as your company employs experts for each department so that one person doesn’t have to do it all, it makes sense to have specialists in place for each aspect of IT, as well. But with so many facets to IT, how can you possibly find - let alone afford – experts for each and every one?

The answer is Managed Services.

Making life easier for your IT guy while improving your company’s IT strategy and infrastructure is as simple as contracting with an outsourced IT team. Here at Microserve, our Managed Services team consists of hundreds of IT experts, whose collective expertise and experience exceed anything one individual, or even a small team, could ever offer on their own .

Adding Managed Services to your IT department means that every IT task will be done right – and right away – by someone who specializes in exactly that kind of work. And there are even more benefits you may not have thought about:

1. Increased security
How and where does your IT guy currently store user names and passwords for your various programs and applications? What about other important system information? On paper somewhere? In a spreadsheet? On an on-premise server? Any of these locations can be hacked, stolen, lost, or otherwise compromised, exposing your business to major losses and liabilities.

With Managed Services, on the other hand, your information remains secure, stored in the cloud for reliable access even in the case of hardware issues, computer viruses, or other disasters, and protected by firewalls and encryption technology to ensure its safety.

2. Best practices
With everything else he has on his plate, has your IT guy had the time to develop, document, and implement standard policies and procedures to follow in his work? In order for the IT department – and by extension, your entire business – to run smoothly, processes need to be streamlined and standardized as much as possible. But when ten urgent tasks are pulling your IT guy in ten different directions at once, he can’t possibly take the time he’d need to create those departmental policies and procedures.

At Microserve, our Managed Services team have processes in place that we have honed over the years, constantly updated to reflect new technology, but always keeping best practices at the forefront, in order to ensure that every task our clients ask us to do is done in the most comprehensive, efficient way possible.

3. IT Strategy
Let’s face it. A company’s IT strategy invariably influences – and sometimes even determines - its overall business strategy. But if your IT guy is in the weeds, busy putting out fires or taking care of a million different things at once, he has no space in his schedule to take a step back, look at the big picture, and start working towards a strategy that could mean huge improvements to your business.

Letting Microserve’s Managed Services take over those pesky but essential IT tasks frees up your IT guy to do that strategic thinking and help take your business to the next level. And if you’d like our help with your strategy, too, we’re there for you, ready to put our collective expertise and experience to work to help you make your business even more successful.

So if your IT guy has a nervous tick – or if you’d just like to make your IT department the best it can possibly be - contact Microserve today. We’ll bring order to chaos in no time flat, give your IT guy a new lease on life, and make IT into the well-oiled machine you need it to be, in order to focus on the business of your business.

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