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Spotlight on IT Staffing Services at Microserve

Spotlight on IT Staffing Services at Microserve

Finding the best talent with the best skills who are the best fit for you.

I had a chance to sit down with Courtney Bevan and Paulo Gomes a couple of our IT Staffing specialists (they actually prefer the term “Headhunters”—I’ll get to that) here at Microserve to talk about IT Staffing and how Microserve helps our clients find the best candidates for their clients.

What does IT Staffing and Recruitment mean to you?

We like to think of what we do as a long term partnership, a relationship, and not just with our candidates, but also with our clients. When we find a great candidate, we want to help nurture them in their careers. For our clients, we don’t just want to put bodies in chairs, but really find the person who is the right fit for our client. The real trick is finding the person with the right technical and soft skills too. We could find a candidate who is absolutely the best in their technical field, but if there isn’t a good personality fit between that candidate and our clients’ company culture, the long term fit may not be successful.

We think of recruiting as creating a win-win-win situation, client-candidate-Microserve. When a company has the right person with all the right skills in the right role, the company succeeds, the candidate is happy and we, of course, have done our jobs right!

Recruiter or Headhunter? Which term resonates with you?

It might not be as common these days however, we prefer the term Headhunter. In our opinion, Recruiters are generalists; Headhunters are specialists. Recruiters get hundreds, thousands of resumes falling into their laps from more generalized job postings. What we do at Microserve is literally hunt for the specialized candidate to fill a role. In many cases, the people we find are also known as “passive candidates” that may already have a good job but are open for better career opportunities.

Want to find a successful person? Look for the people who are already successful in their jobs.

Finding those people takes time, experience, connections, and resources. That’s why we think of ourselves as Headhunters. You have to know who to look for and through thorough screening procedures of both technical skills and personality fit, we then shortlist the best of the best to present to our clients.

You both have been in IT for many years, what changes have you seen in how people are hired in technology?

The most interesting thing is this switch from skills-focused to fit-focused hiring. We’re not saying that skills aren’t important and as technology changes, the candidates will need to adapt their skill sets as well.

However, if there is just one thing that we see changing is how organizations are focusing more and more on a candidates soft skills. The more organizations invest in their people, the more they are realizing this investment has to be more than technical skill sets alone. They have to bring their personality and passion too. It’s the people within that help organizations grow to the next level, not just their technical skills.

What are the hot skills you’re seeing in demand right now?

This is a tough one. Skills can be very job specific, but we are seeing the need for more business analysts, business intelligence, database admins, QA/QC, project managers, help desk and application development (particularly within web and mobile applications).

The biggest need: people who can take tons of data, make sense of it, and make business decisions. Again, and we can’t stress this enough, the real key is constantly learning, developing, and honing your skills. If you sit back and think the world will always need a particular skill set, you’ll probably be playing catch up in short order.

If I wanted to get your attention as a Headhunter, what’s your best tip?

If you say you have a skill set, you need to make sure those skills are highlighted on your CV/resume and connected to your current position that is active. If you have a particular skill we are looking for and you claim you have that skill but it is either not present in your current job or you have not highlighted it in your resume, we then cannot validate your experience for that application.
Tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for is extremely important! For each and every application! If your objectives, highlights, and key skills line up with the posted job, you are more likely to get an interview. It shows your attention to detail and that you care about the position you are applying for.
On the other hand, if your application looks GENERIC and does not show you have taken the time to review and/or highlight how your skills and experience match the tailored job description, Headhunters will know and you are less likely to get an interview. It’s just that simple!

Employers all what the people with the best skills, but what else makes a good employee?

Communication skills are key. Being able to connect and communicate with all stakeholders at all levels are essential. Being able to fit in with the culture is hard to pin down, which is why face-to-face interviews are essential.
If you’re a quiet, reserved person in an office that has constant Nerf gun battles, you might not be a good fit. You don’t have to be best buddies with your co-workers, but being able to casually have a coffee or lunch is important. Having the right attitude and work ethic for the job are things employers look for. Not working and staying late every night, but being accountable and putting in that little extra when it counts. The hardest part of this is that we spend a lot of time helping people develop their tech skills, but not a lot of time teaching and mentoring the people skills that can make a difference between having a job and having a career.

What does Microserve bring to the table for finding the right people?

One of the reasons for our success is that Microserve has over 25 years of Professional and Managed Services working with some of the largest and best known organizations in Western Canada. This knowledge is transferred to our IT Staffing team, bringing a deep understanding of technology and people allowing us to address our clients’ needs, gaps, wants and pain points better than the norm.
Additionally, it’s all about the relationships we build with our clients and the people we place. We take time to learn what a client truly needs and what kind of job a person is best suited for. We would rather send one or two awesome candidates than 20 resumes where 18 are mediocre.
We believe that when we place the right person in the right job at the right company we’re building something bigger. For our candidates, it’s about helping them advance their passions and career goals. For our clients, it about wanting to help them succeed in their business initiatives by placing the best candidate resources to help achieve their goals. For us as Headhunter, it’s about being able to help both parties achieve success with continued efforts to build a strong, long term business relationship.
Internally, we coined the phrase “Professional Matchmakers for Professionals. We can’t find your dream date……but we can certainly find your dream job!!!”

If you would like to know more about Microserve’s IT Staffing Services and how we can find you the right people for contract or permanent positions, email us to find out more.

Spotlight image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis from Flickr

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