December 17, 2015 by Niall Currid

The Cloud Strikes Back: What Would Happen If the Death Star Blew Up Your IT Systems?

The Cloud Strikes Back: What Would Happen If the Death Star Blew Up Your IT Systems?

Disaster recovery keeps your systems running, Jedi training not required.

The hair on the back of your neck stands up.

Something’s wrong. You can sense it.

You feel a great disturbance in the Force.

It’s as if millions of your company’s files and apps suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. You fear something terrible has happened.

Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes, from a flood that wipes out everything on your company computers to a virus that corrupts all your files. What disasters all have in common is their sudden, dramatic, unpredictable, catastrophic nature—they come out of the blue like a baster in a cantina.

With all the buzz surrounding the new Star Wars movie, it’s hard not to cast this battle against sudden annihilation in terms of good vs. evil, of Jedi vs. Sith. Disaster recovery is all about maintaining that Jedi balance, putting measures in place so that in the event of disaster, your business will be prepared to fight back and restore itself.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) providers like Microserve are the Yoda to your company’s Luke, preparing you for any potentially disastrous encounter you may have to contend with. With Yoda’s guidance, you have the tools you need to make it through even a battle with Darth Vader himself. But without Yoda’s help, the picture is much bleaker.

Let’s take a look at how an attack on your IT systems from the Death Star would look with – and without – Microserve’s help.

Without DRaaS from Microserve

The attack began and ended before you even knew anything was happening. Everything is gone, suddenly – your company files, the apps your employees need to do their work, your customer data. No one can access anything, and you are losing money with every passing minute.

Your in-house IT team tries to implement their own disaster recovery plan – but it was never tested, and fails in several key efforts. Backups are out of date or corrupted. Credentials to log into unaffected systems are lost. Software licenses, gone. Records? The paper ones that exists make Dagoba look tidy. And in any case, this specific scenario was never anticipated, so preparations were never made to fit your current emergency needs. It’s going to be a warm day on Hoth before you get a breather fixing this mess.

Slowly, you and your team cobble together some bits and pieces of what little data you can recover, pay through the nose for new versions of every application you need, and eventually get to a point where you can begin to limp along again. But it takes years to get back to where you were – if you ever do. The Death Star has done its job.

The Rebel Alliance that was your company has been crushed. Not even the Ewoks can save you.

With DRaaS from Microserve

While the attack was sudden and vicious—“It’s a trap!”—there’s no need to panic, because a comprehensive strategy is already in place to handle exactly this kind of situation. You have an entire clone army at the ready to step into the fray.

Every piece of data has been backed up in the cloud, plus the apps you need and crucial settings for all the servers. These are just backup copies, these are virtual server images ready to flick on faster than you can turn on your light saber and more accurate than a Stormtrooper. You can relax because your DR plan means that nothing has really been lost – it’s all waiting, safe and secure, to be downloaded again.

Your specific disaster recovery plan has been tested over and over again, so even before the attack, you knew exactly what would be done in this situation – and that it would work. Data have been regularly verified so the codes to the shield generators aren’t even a little out of date.

Within hours, your IT systems are back to normal, humming along with all the necessary data and apps to keep your business up and running. Won the battle, you have.

Cloud and disaster recovery experts at Microserve ensure that you aren’t just prepared for a disaster, you’re confident that you can recover with minimal disruption to your business. Partnering with a disaster recovery service provider like Microserve is vital to ensuring that your business would survive a disaster. Without a Master Jedi on your side, how can you hope to fend off an attack from the Dark Side? Contact Microserve today to start your Jedi training, and put a strategy in place to protect your company in case of a disaster.

Photo from Flickr by David Blackwell.

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