July 10, 2015 by Tris Hussey

This Week in Tech July 10th

This Week in Tech July 10th
It might be the start of the summer lull, but there are still interesting things going on in tech. This is the Week in Tech July 10, 2015.

Sure WWDC and Google I/O are long done, but what caught my eye this past week...

IBM's new 7 nanometer chip

More oomph, less power, smaller package, and did I mention more oomph? We won't see devices with these any time soon, but when we
Moore's Law lives on!
Via Gizmodo: IBM's New Chip Is Four Times as Powerful as Today's Best Silicon and Engadget You won't buy IBM's 7nm chip, but it's a big deal for computing

Microsoft releases Office 2016 for Mac...if you have an Office 365 subscription

I happen to have ponied up for Office 365 a year+ ago (I know it was over a year because Office 365 just renewed itself) to get updated Office for Mac, now is the first time I'm really seeing the benefit. I downloaded the installer, got the new apps, and done. I already had authenticated with the new Outlook so it was pretty quick to get going. It would have been nice if the installer asked if I wanted to get rid of the old versions, but I'm pretty good at dragging things to the trash.

While this is about Mac software, I really thing this system for subscribing and getting new updates automatically is going to have real benefits for all of us. Developers will be able to count on more and more people having updated software. Users will get more features and (hopefully) stability without needing to think about "oh I should upgrade...but what will I get for my money..." providing real value via subscription takes care of that.
Via Techcrunch: Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Mac, Office 365 Subscribers Get It First - TechCrunch

New iOS and OS X betas available

Glad to see Apple doing this. Windows and Linux users have been able to test and try OS updates for years and it's about time Apple fans get to do it too.

Via Techcrunch: iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Are Now Available To All As Public Betas - TechCrunch

And some fun from XKCD...

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