July 20, 2015 by Tris Hussey

This Week in Tech: July 17

This Week in Tech: July 17

Fine, I wrote it on Monday…

A little late on this week in tech, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention to things. Last week the big news (besides Pluto-mania) that should have gotten more attention was Facebook’s security chief calling for an “end-of-life” timeline for Flash. Adobe is sticking to its guns and trying to keep fixing and patching Flash, but I think the end is nigh.

Next on the “end is nigh” list is that Apple and Samsung are reportedly looking for a software replacement for the SIM card. Analysts are touting this as a boon for everyone. We wouldn’t have to keep buying new $20 SIMs if we want to change carriers and carriers wouldn’t have to keep making this disposible item. The only thing I hope they work out is the ability to quickly switch between providers. Like if you go to the U.S. or elsewhere and buy a SIM to get data on your Canadian phone. Beyond that item…sign me up for an embedded SIM in my phone

According to PC World, the age-old (in Internet terms) RC4 encryption standard is under increasing attack. RC4 was invented in 1987 and is used in SSL, TLS, WEP, WPA, RDP, MPPE, and BitTorrent…among others…to secure connections. We’ve known about the theoretical weaknesses for some time, but it hasn’t been until the last couple of years that we’ve had the computing resources to practically exploit them. There’s no real need to panic…yet…but security experts are saying that the fact RC4 exploits are possible (if you let a machine keep an active browser session open for over 48 hours) makes it all the more important to speed up closing the door and replacing RC4.

According to MSPmentor these are the top things to watch from last week.

And from XKCD comes an annotated version of the now famous image of Pluto (still not a planet):

Pluto from XKCD

And for those of us who remember the comic Bloom County…it’s back:

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After I posted this I saw a cartoon that summed up how most of us feel about Flash:


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