Transforming IT for Browns Restaurant Group: A Case Study

In 2016, Browns Restaurant Group (BRG) encountered a formidable obstacle to their growth: their IT infrastructure struggled to keep pace with the expansion of their business. Facing the dual challenge of accommodating increasing operational demands while ensuring data security, BRG recognized the urgent need for a reliable IT partner with the capacity to support their ambitions.


BRG’s journey began amidst a landscape of outdated IT systems and a lack of comprehensive support mechanisms. Their reliance on obsolete NAS storage devices, fragmented networks, and aged server infrastructure led to frequent disruptions and decreased efficiency. Critical information often remained inaccessible when needed, impeding decision-making processes and hindering productivity. BRG’s IT challenges extended beyond mere technical inefficiencies; they lacked a structured approach to address emerging issues promptly, resulting in temporary fixes that failed to tackle underlying problems.

Outside of Browns Social House in Waterloo, Ontario


Microserve emerged as BRG’s strategic ally, poised to address their pressing IT needs and lay the groundwork for sustainable growth. Through meticulous assessment and collaboration, Microserve devised a comprehensive strategy to overhaul BRG’s IT infrastructure. Key initiatives included the deployment of robust storage solutions and the implementation of Backup-as-a-Service cloud offerings to ensure data integrity and facilitate swift disaster recovery. Recognizing the paramount importance of cybersecurity, Microserve fortified BRG’s defenses with state-of-the-art firewalls and comprehensive security controls, bolstering their resilience against potential threats.

Inside Brows Social Restaurant in Tofino, BC


  • Enhanced Stability and Scalability: Microserve’s interventions ushered in a new era of stability and scalability for BRG’s IT systems, mitigating the risk of disruptive downtimes and ensuring seamless operations.
  • Elevated Cybersecurity Measures: BRG witnessed a marked improvement in their cybersecurity posture, with Microserve’s proactive measures reducing their vulnerability to cyber threats and enhancing data protection.
  • Streamlined Business Initiatives: Microserve’s collaborative approach facilitated the seamless execution of BRG’s strategic initiatives, empowering them to navigate technological transitions with confidence.
  • Increased Confidence in IT Management: With Microserve’s expert guidance and unwavering support, BRG gained newfound confidence in their IT management capabilities, enabling them to focus on their core business objectives with peace of mind.
Inside Browns Social House in Waterloo, Ontario

We appreciate the ability to draw on Microserve's technical expertise, whether it be for cyber insurance requirements, or other needs in that regard. Microserve has a level for competency, professionalism, and bandwidth that has certainly benefited us in knowing that we're not pushing up against the wall at any time in the near future.


Since forging a partnership with Microserve over seven years ago, BRG has undergone a remarkable transformation in its IT landscape. Freed from the shackles of outdated infrastructure and buoyed by Microserve’s technical prowess, BRG now operates with unparalleled efficiency and resilience. Looking ahead, BRG remains committed to its collaboration with Microserve, as they continue to embrace cloud-based solutions and fortify their technological foundation for the challenges of tomorrow.

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