Dell PowerStore 500

Improve Operational Efficiency Enhance Business Agility Optimize Service Predictability Reduce Costs

PowerStore is Dell Technologies next generation storage appliance. It provides customers with an infrastructure that will accelerate digital transformation. Designed for the data era, PowerStore supports both traditional and modern workloads, from the core, to the edge and the cloud. Contact Microserve today to get started with the Dell EMC PowerStore 500.

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PowerStore, Dell Technologies’ award-winning revolutionary storage appliance built for the data era, offers customers an intelligent and adaptable infrastructure solution that prioritizes data.

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Data-centric Design

to optimize storage efficiency, scalability and system performance

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Intelligent Automation

that simplifies management and optimizes system resource, while enabling proactive health analytics

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that enables speed and application mobility, as well as flexible deployment models and payment solutions


Transform your data storage experience

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Single architecture provides flexible storage for data in different formats

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Performance-optimized  design that delivers 7x more IOPS and 3x lower latency compared to previous generations of  Dell EMC storage

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Provides always-on inline data reduction (4:1 data reduction guaranteed)

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Scales up and out in terms of capacity and performance as workload requirements change

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Drives automation by streamlining development environments and automating end-to-end workflows

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Built-in machine learning  and automation to simplify appliance discovery and optimize system resources

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Smart monitoring delivers real time health and performance measurement and historical tracking of storage usage

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Flexible architecture enables virtualized hosting of user applications directly on the appliance and seamless integration into IT’s larger VMware ecosystem

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Flexible deployment models to modernize the core, edge, and cloud without disruption

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More Resources

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Designed for VMware

VMware vSphere is the most widely adopted virtualization platform today – running in over 80% of organizations supporting diverse workloads1. VMware has evolved from server virtualization to a complete ecosystem that now includes networking and storage.

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PowerStore Storage Family

The ground-breaking Dell EMC PowerStore achieves new levels of operational simplicity and agility, utilizing a container based architecture, advanced storage technologies, and intelligent automation to unlock the power of your data.

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PowerStore Next-gen Analytics

In the new digital economy, analytic applications are quickly becoming the backbone of the modern enterprise. As next generation analytics applications show value and become critical, the storage platform they are built on must provide the capabilities needed to keep pace.

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