Why supporting higher eduction is important to Microserve

21 Year of Fundraising for The Douglas College Foundation

Thanks to all who contributed to our 21st year of fundraising for the Douglas College Foundation - we've now raised $446,500!

Supporting the Douglas College Foundation

Microserve has been supporting the Douglas College Foundation for the past 21 years through annual contributions to our Microserve Bursary and Scholarship funds for Douglas College students. At Microserve we focus our philanthropic efforts on higher education because we are passionate about empowering people, especially youth, to advance themselves and their careers. In addition to sponsoring several Microserve scholarships and bursaries, we also support youth employment and development by hiring co-op students and new graduates in several areas of our business helps them gain employment experience, coaching and professional development that then in turn provides a strong foundation for the rest of their careers.

Microserve recently hosted a silent auction as our annual fundraising event for the Douglas College Foundation. Thanks to client donations we raised $2,400, which was rounded up to $4,000 courtesy of our President, Spud Matthews.

As Microserve’s President, Spud Matthews explained:

“Supporting higher education is something that I have personally always felt very strongly about. As we improve access to quality education within our communities, we are contributing to the creation of a society that is happier, healthier and safer for everyone.  I am very proud of Microserve’s partnership with Douglas College, and that together, we have built something that is truly meaningful and will continue to have a positive impact on youth and our communities for many years to come.”

Over the past two decades, Microserve has raised a total of $446,500 for the Douglas College Foundation, and we plan to continue growing this number in the years to come. We work with organizations such as the Douglas College Foundation to support and promote education, continuing studies and life-long learning, as all these efforts contribute to growing a positive future for our communities, as well as the IT industry.

You can read more about the Microserve Scholarship for Douglas College students here and our Bursary here.

To learn more about Microserve’s Corporate Social Responsibility, check out our community involvement page 

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