Microserve Increases Access to Higher Education Through Charity Event

Microserve is pleased to announce that thanks to the generous donations through our Client Holiday Silent Auction and “Direct Giving” charity event, it raised over $20,000 for the Microserve’s Scholarship and Bursary funds to support students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), the University of Victoria, the University of Alberta, and Douglas College. 

A special thanks to all Silent Auction, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Sponsors who helped make this charity event possible. Because of the generosity of the sponsors, Microserve can continue supporting the needs of students, higher education, and continuing studies. 

“Last year our recipient, Alyssa [Wong], graduated and discovered her passion for discovery technology law. I’m so proud to share with you all today that Alyssa started law school and will be applying her MIS education towards social issues and innovation. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Microserve,” said Michelle Ngo, the Assistant Director of Leadership Annual Giving at the University of Alberta. 

Alyssa, the Fall 2021 scholarship recipient from the University of Alberta says, “since I was unable to return to my regular job this year, this scholarship helped me focus on my studies and extracurricular activities that helped me decide my next steps.” 

Microserve Charity Event Helping Students and Higher Education

For over 30 years, Microserve has recognized the importance of giving back to students and higher education. Especially as many of us go through difficult financial times, giving back and supporting students’ education and continuing studies has become even more important. 

“I just wanted to say huge thank you for your generous contribution,” says Sarah Foreman, the Leadership Giving Officer of the University of Victoria. Sarah also praises Nicholas Guerette, the Fall 2021 scholarship recipient from the University of Victoria. 

Nicolas says, “I am a student who loves finance, mathematics, and information technologies, branching from root coding to data management and mining. In the future, I hope to return to a company I have been previously employed with to become an international business developer and use my skills to work and travel the world. This scholarship has given me the extra drive to achieve this goal.” 

Dave Taylor, Vice President of Public Affairs at Douglas College says, “since 1996, Microserve has been an incredible partner for Douglas College, walking alongside students as they achieve their education goals.”  

Jackie Jacobs, Executive Director of the School of Management Studies, says a “special thank you to Spud, Syl, and the Microserve Team for your commitment to raising funds for an annual award to support the students studying IT at BCIT.” 


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Microserve is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax. Founded in 1987, we support the IT needs of businesses and organizations across industries throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Atlantic Canada, with clients ranging from small to mid-sized operations and enterprise-level organizations. We partner with each of our clients, regardless of size, to provide custom, responsive IT support and solutions that propel our clients toward their goals.  

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