Cybera awards Microserve with 3-5 year contract

Cybera Awards Microserve with 3.5 Year Contract

Microserve wins contract to provide desktops, laptops, thin clients and related services to Cybera ShareIT members

Cybera Awards Microserve with 3.5 Year Contract

In February 2017, Cybera signed a master agreement with Microserve for an initial term of 3.5 years. This agreement offers a wide array of Dell, Lenovo and Apple desktops, laptops, monitors, as well as thin clients (via the Wyse extension of Dell) for higher education use, as well as related IT services, and is open to all ShareIT members.

They are not for profit organization focused on advancing technology and innovation in Alberta. Originally established by and for university research, they also now supports government, educational institutions, not-for-profits, business incubators and entrepreneurs. Shared IT Services through Cybera’s ShareIT service is one of the services they offer to members. ShareIT is an IT procurement service currently available to Cybera’s post-secondary institution members with the goal to increase service offerings to all members, leverage economies of scale across the membership, and reduce service management duplication. Learn more about ShareIT at

In addition to offering aggressive, educationally priced technology products to ShareIT members, Microserve contract with includes:

  • Technology lifecycle management services, including warehousing, configuration, software packaging and distribution, image management, deployment, ongoing support, and decommissioning/disposal
  • Desktop management services including Service Desk and Desk-side Support, patching, and Anti Virus / Anti Malware
  • Assistance with standardization, technology road mapping and selecting the best technology for your needs
  • E-procurement via a secure online catalogue customized with your standard, approved products and the option to integrate directly into your systems
  • Relationship management and dedicated account teams by member organization

You can find more information on the Microserve – Cybera contract here.

How to Purchase

Please contact Larry Stefanishen, Alberta Regional Manager, Microserve.


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