Microserve Secures Agreement with Cybera to Offer Terranova Security Phishing and Security Awareness Platform

Microserve has secured a 3-year Master Agreement with Cybera, on behalf of ShareIT, to offer the Terranova Security Awareness Platform. Cybera is a not-for-profit that supports the development of cyber-infrastructure in Alberta. 

The following services are made available to Microserve clients after October 20, 2021: 

  • The Terranova training platform for Phishing Simulation 
  • The Terranova training platform for Security Awareness 
  • A complimentary consultation with a Cyber Information Security Officer (1-hour, virtually) 
  • Competitively priced Project Starter Bundles 
  • Guaranteed uptime of (99.9%) and 24/7 availability of the training platforms 

With this agreement, the Terranova Security Platform is available to Microserve clients to educate users about phishing scams and other cybersecurity risks with high-quality security awareness training. The Terranova training focuses on real-world cybersecurity risks like phishing, ransomware, and more; it is intended to change user behaviours to keep sensitive information safe and secure. 

“The Terranova Cyber Security Awareness Training is a great solution addition to our overall partnership with our Cybera clients to our end-user compute solutions contractual success,” says Sylvain Jacob, VP of Sales at Microserve. “We are proud to be able to help our educational clients in Alberta with their enhanced security posture by delivering user training and behavior monitoring to cover this extra line of defence.” 

About Cybera 

Cybera is a not-for-profit organization responsible for overseeing the development of Alberta’s cyber-infrastructure — the advanced system of networks and computers that was created by and for university research and now supports government, educational institutions, not-for-profits, business incubators and entrepreneurs. Cybera’s team of experts works behind the scenes to manage Alberta’s ultra-high-speed advanced research network — CyberaNet — which connects local researchers to some 100 research networks around the world. Working with partners in the public and private sectors, Cybera is also leading ‘above the network’ projects in Alberta to pilot emerging technologies that help to build e-infrastructure to support the province’s economic growth. Cybera provides member organizations with unbiased, highly skilled expertise on high-tech products, processes or services, and access to shared IT services. 

About Terranova Security 

Terranova Security is a global security awareness training leader selected by Microsoft as their partner of choice to bring the best in security awareness training content to customers. Successful Terranova Security awareness programs and phishing simulations have provided organizations worldwide with the highest-quality content, most multilingual security awareness platform, training and communications portfolio, and intuitive phishing simulator in the industry. Organizations continue to leverage the Terranova Security awareness 5-step framework, which provides an evidence-based, step-by-step approach to a successful security awareness program. Terranova Security is working with organizations and security awareness teams worldwide to design programs that drastically reduce the human risk factor to counter all cyber-attacks effectively. 

About Microserve – Your Partner for IT Solutions  

Microserve exists to help organizations across Canada leverage IT to achieve their goals. Our approach to client partnerships is different than your average IT provider. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we focus on providing a customizable IT service that is specific to the needs of each client. Our clients have trusted our experience, commitment to excellence, and insight to keep all their technologies running and optimized for the future.  

Microserve is headquartered in Burnaby, BC, with offices in Victoria, Calgary, and Edmonton and an IT services network across Canada. We have over 300 employees and  about 200 OEM partners. Founded in 1987, we support the IT needs of businesses and organizations across industries, with clients ranging from mid-sized to enterprise-level organizations. We partner with each of our clients, regardless of size, to provide custom, responsive IT support and solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals. 

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