Top 5 Most Technological Countries in the World

Top 5 Most Technological Countries in the World

Countries With the Highest Technological Expertise

As a leading tech provider, Microserve has to be able to keep up with the latest tech trends and technological requirements to succeed in technology today. With the technological landscape changing daily, we thought it would be interesting to see who made the top five countries considered to be the most technological overall. Do you think Canada made the list?

1. Singapore

Singapore has long reigned as one of the world’s most tech savvy countries, with many large tech companies based in Singapore. Their Smart Nation initiative, an effort to coordinate data, networks and info-comm technologies is intended specifically to improve the living and economic conditions of their people. In everything from public transport, to services, to paying for everyday groceries, Singapore is one of the world leaders in keeping technology seamless and beneficial for its residents. The open data government structure and location priority to emerging technology solutions and ideas is hailed as one of the most efficient in the world.

2. Finland

The birthplace of Nokia and Erwise, the first graphical web browser, comes second to Singapore, but is still a huge player in the tech industry. Finland takes pride in their tech being the most important export in the country, with a focus on developing hardware and software affordable to all inhabitants. Their people welcome technological advancements to improve their lives and are eager to stay up to date with the best in tech. A focus on tech to improve their day to day lives and operations is important in Finland, with a saying that “If it can be done with technology, it will be done”.

3. Sweden

Home to many recognizable brands such as Skype, Spotify, Ericsson, and uTorrent, Sweden and its residents are known for their bare bones approach to technology, and not in the way it might sound. Sweden keeps their Kronor well spent in technology. Where some companies and countries might allocate resources to first class flights and swanky hotels for their employees, Swedish tech giants would rather spend that money continually advancing their technological research and development, earning them the third spot in the world. 

4. Norway

Norway, a renowned developer of Vivaldi and the more popular, Opera software, has often been known for their industries revolving around their oceans, or traditional oil and gas industries. With a shift in their resources geared towards technology, Norway is swiftly catching up to Sweden in their Tech Savvy reputation. With a strong belief in technology succeeding through collaboration, and sharing ideas that could further their position in this list.

5. United States

Our neighbours to the south have been in and out of the top five tech savvy countries in the past ten years, but remain to be a technological force. With cities such as San Francisco (with the famous Silicon Valley), New York, and Los Angeles among some of the main hubs that churn out brands we know and love, and often work with (Hewlett Packard, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, Logitech, Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems, Intel, and McAfee to name a few), the United States produces many of the products we use daily. The leaders in this industry are among the most tech savvy in the world, earning them the fifth spot worldwide.


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