HPE & Microserve

With HPE Greenlake and Microserve, gain agility with a secure cloud native platform ready to run your distributed cloud services.

Accelerate Outcome in Four Ways

Improve your self-service agility
HPE GreenLake Central allows you to easily deploy resources, monitor expenses, and estimate capacity all from one simple platform.

Pay-per-use allows you to be more flexible
Pay only for what you use to avoid high upfront costs and costly overprovisioning.

Adjust the scalability
Reduce your stress and expenditures by having scalable capacity available when you need it.

See How It Works

Select the workloads you require
Choose from a wide range of cloud services, including infrastructure, platforms, and workloads suited to specific industries.

With just a few clicks, you can get transparent pricing
With our guided online price calculator, you can estimate and compare different workload scenarios.

Make room; we’ll be there soon
Your HPE GreenLake solution can be delivered to your edge, datacenter, or colocation in as soon as 14 days after you place your order.


The cloud that comes to you — wherever your apps and data live.


Think applications first
Work with industry leaders like Microsoft and Intel, who use HPE GreenLake to design their roadmaps.

Make your hybrid cloud more manageable
For on-premises HPE GreenLake cloud services, take advantage of a secure cloud-native platform and innovations.

Reduce your impact on the environment
In your datacenter or at a colocation provider, you can save energy.

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