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Learn how Poly and Microserve are providing everyone with the same fantastic meeting experience: in or out of the room.

Equal Meetings For Everyone

Home Workers

Noisy, shared spaces often cause home workers to stay on mute and keep cameras off to avoid an “unprofessional image”.

Office Workers

Outdated meeting room equipment, or the absence of video altogether, makes it hard for customers, partners, and colleagues to see whose speaking on the other end of the call.

Hybrid workforce

An Agile development team that has face-to-face meetings in the conference room may exclude remote workers from productive whiteboard sessions.

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Identify the Technology Needed to Enable Meeting Equality


Broad choice of personal and group solutions for varying workstyles, workspaces, and platforms.


Video and Voice innovations that manage unwanted noise and create crisp visual experiences—every time.


Pro-grade audio and video increase user confidence and drives virtual meeting equality.

How to Drive Virtual Meetings Equality

Learn how business leaders are crafting new work models that combine the best of remote and in-office collaboration

Match Devices to Worker Needs

See our proprietary research that takes the guess-work out of matching devices to the workstyle and workspace needs of hybrid workers.

Once you understand your people and space requirements, you can identify the technology needed to enable meeting equality.

Manage Devices Across Your Hybrid Landscape

IT can manage, monitor, and maintain Poly devices from a single pane of glass with Poly Lens cloud-based device management.

Users can make audio and video setup and management fast and simple with Poly Lens Desktop app.

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Why is Meeting Equality Important?

When you don’t empower people on both sides of a call with the right video conferencing equipment, it can make remote workers feel isolated.

Which impacts:

  • Employee sentiment
    and overall happiness
  • Team productivity
  • Company culture
  • Business results

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